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Victory VC502 10mm 3.5-inch industrial endoscope | flashlight endoscope pipe camera |

Victory VC502 10mm 3.5-inch industrial endoscope | flashlight endoscope pipe camera |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Victor / Victory
  • Model: VC502

Product number: VICTOR 502 Operation method:
product name: Portable Industrial Endoscope VICTOR 502 Display digits:
Product Categories: ★ new products recommended ★ Size: Handheld

VICTOR 502 Portable industrial endoscope

VICTOR 502Have high Camera, video, playback, recording, storage and other functions, and with AV output , Can be installed arbitrarily curved snake-like hose extension features, can be widely used in the eyes can not and narrow space detection or maintenance, such as automotive engines, all kinds of pipes, etc. Its assembly CMOS HD sensor chip, plus the camera built on the four adjustable brightness led Light source, so that it is more widely used and flexible. 3.5 TFT LCD Display and built-in dry batteries, so that the product really portable, to repair users or maintenance users to bring great convenience.

Technical Parameters:

The camera rotates the shaft

Camera outside diameter


Image Sensor

1/9'VGA CMOS Image Sensor

Array size

640 x 480


0.3M pixels

Image transfer rate

VGA 60fps


1.3V / (Lux.sec)

Focal length range


Suitable focal length


Shaft length


led light

4Stars led


Hook, small mirror, magnet

General parameters:

1. camera part : waterproof level (IP67)

2. Image format: JPEG

3.Camera format: JPEG (AVI file format)

4. Resolution:

image - standard JPEG

video (w/Audio )- D1Resolution @60fps

5. Zoom in or out (maximum 5Times)

6. Interface:

SD card (32GB SDHC),

USB 2.0 (Compatible USB 1.1),

Mixed image output

7Video output NTSC / PAL

8System language : English (default), German, Chinese

9.battery : 4only AA Alkaline batteries (operating hours : 3~4hour)

10.The screen image can be displayed 180oRotate

(The battery is not included in the package)