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Ph value test pen / ph meter / resolution 0.01 / with luminous / high-precision 0.05ph / pH tester

Ph value test pen / ph meter / resolution 0.01 / with luminous / high-precision 0.05ph / pH tester
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tzzt
  • Series: Acid and alkali test
  • Model: ph-2011

Send calibration powder 2 package: ph4.003, ph6.864

The instrument has the following features:

First, the automatic temperature compensation (ATC). (ATC means: ordinary pen to be in the water temperature of 25 degrees

Left and right state is more accurate, and ATC does not need, it will automatically measure the water temperature compensation to

25 degrees of the state), the new pen to buy back is not required to calibrate,

Second, the new pen to buy back is not required to calibrate.

Third, large screen display , Can measure the decimal point behind the two digits, both to distinguish

Rate: 0.01ph, Note: Accuracy error is ± 0.1ph, we are conservative said

Accuracy is ± 0.1ph, the actual accuracy of up to ± 0.05ph

This product is our neutral packaging products

Pocket digital acidity meter, the introduction of advanced technology and the use of imported components, greatly reducing the size, reduce costs and maintain the original excellent quality, so that the use of acidity meter has been popular. High stability, high reliability, use Simple, low prices and popular in the world, favored by the majority of users.

Main Specifications:
Measuring range
: Ph: 0.00-14.00

° C: 0 ° C to 55 ° C

Accuracy: ± 0.05PH (2 digits after measuring the decimal point)
Resolution: 0.01PH

Automatic temperature compensation: 0 ℃ -50 ℃
Operating temperature:
0 ° C to 50 ° C

Battery: 4X1.5V

Dimensions: 151mm × 33mm × 20mm

Weight: 60 grams

The instrument has an automatic temperature compensation function (ATC)

Professional tips: First, the glass electrode of the thinner glass, the higher the accuracy

Second, the benefits of calibration powder: calibration powder shelf life of 5 years, and even if the calibration solution does not open, only a month later will be moss, the other standard requirements of the calibration is required to 250ml distilled water (supermarkets have to sell) calibration, The bottle is only about 20ml, simply fail to meet the requirements, and the pen into the bottle inside the calibration, the bottle is too small simply do not go in, open the calibration fluid can only put 15 days to fail, so with a good bottle calibration We do not recommend using it.

Note: Under normal use of the year warranty, man-made damage to the need to repair the postage and other expenses borne by the buyer

PH glass electrode is more fragile! Please do not touch! Glass electrode damage is not within the warranty!
Need to speak in English, please inform the owner, the other delivery are only attached to the Chinese manual
There is no pH pen without correction , But the correction is simple:
Note: The new pen does not need to be calibrated, buy back directly to use
The pH meter must be recalibrated in the following cases:
① has been used (or placed) for a long time after calibration;
② electrode use is particularly frequent;
③ measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high.

④ new pen to buy back is not required to calibrate Oh
Calibration of pH meter:
1, the calibration powder was washed with 250 ml of distilled water or pure water, and the pH electrode was immersed in a mixed phosphate standard buffer solution having a pH of 6.86 and gently shaken.
2, with a small screwdriver, facing the back of the pen behind the pen, left and right rotation can adjust the calibration potentiometer until the display value and the standard buffer solution in the ambient temperature of the ph value of 6.9 match.
3, the same electrode into the pH4.00 phosphorus phosphorus dibutyl hydrogen phosphate standard buffer solution.
4, about two minutes or so. Display value and the pH value of the buffer solution should be within the allowable range of error.

Do not stain the syrup, after sealing with plastic wrap seal, you can re-use, after correction with pure water washed clean, if not often used, you can correct in 2-3 months!
How to maintain the pH pen:
Long-term do not have the words, in about half a month's time, the pH pen electrode immersed in pure water, inserted in a one-time cup can be!
1, remove the protective cover.
2, turn on the switch in the battery compartment.
3. Insert the pH meter into the liquid to be measured until the liquid is immersed in the 'immersion line', allowing the solution to be dipped slightly above the 'immersion line'.
4. Gently stir the solution and wait for a minute. Read the displayed value.
5, use finished. Clean the electrode. Turn off the switch. Put on the protective cover.

This is the English manual: