West France SV118 high-precision GPS measuring acres instrument land measuring instrument | to acres of measuring instrument meter harvester

West France SV118 high-precision GPS measuring acres instrument land measuring instrument | to acres of measuring instrument meter harvester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SiEval / West law
  • Series: measuring acres instrument
  • Model: SV118
  • SV118 (electric + direct charge) SV118 (two electric + direct charge + pocket) SV118 (two electric + direct charge + cradle) SV118 (two electric + Car charger) SV118 (two electric power + direct charge + cradle + car charger + pocket + 1 million capacity mobile power)

Genuine SV118 new upgrade!
Truly high precision!
High cost!
Look at the test report! Speak with the facts!

The new SV-118 GPS measuring acres of new features:
smart: The satellite signal strength prompts, the measurement does not move the prompt, the electric quantity insufficiency prompt
Three area measurements: Automatic measurement plane, manual measurement plane, automatic measurement of slope
Three distance measurements: Two-point distance, manual multi-point length, automatic length (track)
Measuring graphics: The current graph is displayed after measurement
Altitude measurement: Altitude (elevation)

Other functions: Exercise speed, price setting, manually set acres of area
Hardware Features:
use Taiwan imports GPS Module, high precision.
Industrial-grade display , The font is clearly visible under strong sunlight.
Energy-saving design, with high-capacity 1950mAH mA battery, continuous 24 hours work.
Scope of application:

Farmland, green space, forests, mountains, waters, factories, mines and other area distance measurement.


1, the area accuracy of how?
1-3 acres: the error of ± 0.1 acres.
3 acres or more: error ± 2%.
SV-118 is to measure less than 3 acres of small area error of 0.1 acres, better than similar products.

2, ranging accuracy?

1000 meters: the error of 2-3 meters; even to meet the most professional engineering precision ranging requirements.

3, the area unit which, 1 mu is equal to the number of square meters?
Measurement results can display both acres and square meters, through the up and down keys to switch display units.
1 acres = *** square meters, the user can set the parameters in the menu and modify any convenient measurement standards in different regions.

4, can measure the hillside or hilly land area?
Can be measured out of the slope or hilly land area.

5, you use a navigation module or a dedicated module for measuring fees?
SV-118 uses Taiwan custom-made high-precision measurement special GPS module, non-low-precision navigation GPS module; always free.

6, standby time how long, you can charge it?
Measured continuous standby time of more than 20 hours, fully charged to meet the 1 week after the agricultural operations charges demand.

7, I see some of the measuring instrument can also navigate, you can increase the navigation function?
A, because the navigation device using cheap navigation GPS module, opened a car friends all know, navigator accuracy is very low, open a junction sometimes can not identify, do not have any precision measurement at all.

B, SV-118 using Taiwan's custom high-precision measurement of special GPS module, non-low-cost low-precision navigation GPS module!

8, buy a dissatisfied you can back it?
7 days no reason to be returned!