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Charm blue 2 phone shell protective cover ultra-thin clamshell-style Meizu m2 leather case female 5-inch m578c drop men tide

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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: imitation leather
  • Style: clamshell type
  • Color classification: Extreme black elegant white rose red champagne blue blue pink
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable mobile phone models: Meizu / Meizu
  • Meizu Model: Charm Blue 2 Unicom Edition / Telecom Edition / Mobile Public Edition / M578M / M578U
  • Brand: reputation extension
  • Model: Charm blue 2 mobile phone sets

Take notes

Applicable models: Charm Blue 2 5.0-inch (charm blue M2 Unicom Edition, Telecom Edition, mobile public version, Meizu M578M, Meizu M578C, Meizu M578U)

Not applicable models: Charm Blue note2 5.5-inch (you need to contact pro-line customer service oh)

Material: imitation leather outer material + pc hard inner shell

Installed methods: the phone directly to the inside of the card can be inside the shell