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Putibei home electromagnetic radiation detection equipment radiation tester measuring instrument pregnant women measuring radiation equipment

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  • Brand: Putibei
  • Model: 620A / B
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  • Color Classification: 620A: high and low frequency 620B: high frequency + magnetic field
  • Decoration and construction: radiation detection

Electromagnetic radiation hazards and recommendations:

1, according to authorities say: long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields, may lead to children suffering from leukemia; can induce cancer; affect reproduction;
Pregnant women, spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation; resulting in children with intellectual disabilities; also on the human visual system damage.
2, although the above is not fully confirmed, but most people still think that should be avoided for a long time exposed to electromagnetic fields in the United States Environmental Protection Agency said
It is - prudent to avoid.
3, it is recommended that you regularly monitor the living and working places of electromagnetic radiation, and according to the measured results re-rational distribution, so as to avoid prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields affect health.

Relevant information and reference standard:

According to the report recommended:
Occupational exposure to the environment for 8 hours a day continuous radiation allowable value of 14V / m or 100μT.
The electromagnetic radiation value of the public environment is not more than 10V / m or 0.4T.
Note: The above two sets of data for reference only, do not have legal effect.

Related reference:
"Electromagnetic radiation protection regulations" (GB8702-88)
"Environmental electromagnetic health standards" (GB9175-88)
Method and Standard for Environmental Impact Assessment of Electromagnetic Radiation (HJ / T10.3-1996)

After-sales problem analysis:

1, what is the electric field strength? What is the magnetic field strength?

Electric equipment inside the electric field strength and magnetic field strength, large are harmful, and these two are not equal, the units are also different, The electric field unit generally has V / M (volt / meter), the magnetic field unit generally has UT (micro Tesla), MG (milligauss) And so on, if there is only one unit of equipment, such as V / M or UW / CM2, etc., it is only a test.

2, why should the measured magnetic field strength?

We measured the magnetic field is not the magnet's static magnetic field, but the electricity generated by the electromagnetic field, this big word is harmful to people, the magnetic field strength units UT, MG, etc., if the unit is V / M, UW / CM2 Not the magnetic field strength.

3, say electromagnetic regardless of home, why sometimes only electric field, sometimes only magnetic field?

Electricity and magnetic coexistence are many times, while the detection of electric and magnetic fields are also many, but sometimes can only detect the magnetic field, and no electric field. The electric field is easy to be shielded, the magnetic field is difficult to be shielded, such as measuring the power supply ground circuit good computer, with the test electric field instrument test may be 0, but the magnetic field measurement instrument may still be measured, so some people use the market On the unit for the V / M instrument to measure the computer is 0 is not surprising, and some people please the so-called professionals to test the distribution room like electric field radiation does not think that does not exceed the standard, in fact, this type of shielding shell The source of magnetic field strength is correct, the magnetic field is difficult to be shielded. Detection of substation, in the distribution room near the detection of the presence of electric and magnetic fields; but only in their own home detection magnetic field; in fact, because the housing wall effectively blocked the electric field radiation caused.

4, often reflect the customer, how such a big electrical radiation around you; there are customers that, how can not measure the radiation it?

In the absence of radiation detector when a lot of friends are reproduced through the Internet posts and reports to understand the electromagnetic radiation.In fact, a variety of online posts, there is little that the computer radiation do not care, but also that the computer radiation is quite large, There are programs that radiation is very small, do not be too concerned about; so we are confused. In fact, we objectively say that, in fact, we have to say that the radiation is too small, Radiation is affected by many factors, so the measurement results can only prove that the measurement of the environment where the radiation situation; leave the environment, the measurement results are not particularly significant.

5, when you decide to buy, first put the original feeling down, do not identify which appliances should have radiation, which appliances should be no radiation, the instrument will be more effective than feeling.In order to make us more clear electromagnetic radiation, we first Talk about what is the electric and magnetic fields, high frequency and low frequency mean?

We often say that electromagnetic radiation, in fact, sub-electric field radiation and magnetic field radiation, electricity and magnetic itself is mutual conversion, but there are differences. Simply put, the electric field is a thermal effect, will affect The human reproductive system, brain vision; magnetic field belongs to non-thermal effects, will affect the body's blood system and nervous system; they are harmful to the human body, should also attach importance.

We use the 220V / 380V AC frequency belongs to the frequency, commonly known as low frequency; detection of household appliances, office equipment, etc. belong to this category.General wireless signal class is radio frequency, Commonly known as high-frequency; detection of mobile phone calls, wireless routing, base stations belong to this category.

6, on the signal transmission tower, communication base stations, television tower radiation detection of the problem?

These towers are radio frequency, which is commonly known as high-frequency, with our instruments can be detected.Each tower according to its range to be covered, the transmit power is different; the greater the power, the scope of radiation effects The greater the equipment holding the instrument facing the direction of the tower, as far as possible to ensure that there is no interference around the source, and then read on it.This can not detect radiation, depending on the actual situation, after all, and base station power and distance from the base station Position on the other base station is the existence of a blind spot at the bottom of the phenomenon, sometimes in the bottom of the tower but less radiation or simply not detect radiation, which is not difficult to explain.

Life is inseparable from a wide range of electrical appliances, the average person will use dozens of home appliances every day, then home appliances to our lives comfortable and convenient at the same time, what is the potential danger? Popular speaking, there are Electricity and temperature will be the place where radiation, the most important contact in our lives of electromagnetic radiation from the home appliances produced by the various forms, different frequencies, different intensity of the electromagnetic radiation source in the concentration of radiation sources in the work environment, learning , The life of people, easy to insomnia, memory loss, weakness, weakness, immunity, etc., the growth rate of cancer cells twenty-four times faster than normal.There are scientific evidence, the human body in a long period of more than 0.2μT electromagnetic radiation There will be a variety of adverse symptoms, then let us tentatively put 0.2μT as the critical value of radiation hazards.

1, range hood: low speed: 0.253μT, high-speed: 0.324μT

2, electric fan: close: 29.8μT, 1 meter outside: 2.85μT. (Do not blow, the distance is far)

3, the razor: close: 1.587μT

4, hair dryer: close: 0.633μT