Pudibei home of electromagnetic radiation detection equipment radiation survey meter instrument for measuring instrument for measuring radiation in pregnant women

Pudibei home of electromagnetic radiation detection equipment radiation survey meter instrument for measuring instrument for measuring radiation in pregnant women

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: pudibei
  • Model: 620A/B
  • Item no: 620A/B
  • Color category: 620A: high and low frequency 620B: high + low frequency magnetic field
  • The decoration and construction: radiation detection

Electromagnetic radiation hazards and suggestions:

1, according to the pundits speak: prolonged exposure to electric and magnetic fields may cause leukemia in children; Can cause cancer; Affect reproductive; Resulting
Spontaneous abortion in pregnant women and fetal malformation; Mental disabilities in children; It hurts the human visual system.
2, described above has not yet been fully confirmed, but most people recognize what you should avoid long term exposure to electric and magnetic fields. United States Environmental Protection Agency
Why-the prudent avoidance.
3, we recommend you regularly monitoring the electromagnetic radiation conditions of living and office space, and according to the results of re-layout, so as to avoid long term exposure to electric and magnetic fields affect health.

Relevant information and a point of reference:

According to a related report recommended:
Professional daily allowable value of continuous radiation exposure 8 hours of 14V/m or 100 µ t.
Conditionally available for public environmental exposure to electromagnetic radiation is not more than 10V/m or 0.4 μ of t.
Note: the above two sets of data is for reference only, and does not have the force of law.

Related resources:
The electromagnetic radiation protection regulations (GB8702-88)
Hygienic standard for environmental electromagnetic waves (GB9175-88)
Radiation environmental impact assessment methods and standards (HJ/T10.3-1996)

Analysis of aftermarket parts:

1, what is the electric field strength? What is the magnetic field strength?

Electrical equipment inside the turbine will generate an electric field and magnetic field strength, is harmful to humans, and these 2 are not equal, units are different, Field units generally have V/M (kV/m) magnetic field units generally have UT (micro Tesla), MG (milliGauss) If the instrument has only one unit, such as V/M or UW/CM2, and so on, then it's only one.

2, why want to measure magnetic field strength?

We measured magnetic field is not a static magnetic field of the magnet, but the generated electromagnetic fields, harmful is this large, magnetic field intensity units generally have UT, MG, why if the instrument unit V/M, UW/CM2 of the magnetic field strength is not measured.

3, said electromagnetic regardless, why sometimes only an electric field, sometimes only the magnetic field?

Coexist to create more electricity and magnetism, and electric and magnetic fields is also detected many, but sometimes only detected magnetic field without field. Farm easy was shield, magnetic field difficult was shield, like measuring power ground loop good of computer, with measuring farm of instrument test on May is 0, but with measuring magnetic field of instrument measuring also is may will measuring to, so some people with market Shang of units why V/M of instrument measuring computer why 0 on not strange has, also some people please so-called professional people to measuring distribution room like of farm radiation no on to why not exceeded, its measured this class has shield shell of radiation source measuring magnetic field strength reinstate is right of, magnetic field difficult was shield. When testing distribution station, when power distribution room near the test with both electric and magnetic fields; But detected only magnetic fields in their own homes; Because the housing wall effectively block the electric field caused by radiation.

4, regular customers, and how electrical radiation so much; Clients say how measure radiant?

When there is no radiation detector, post, which many friends through the Internet and reports to understand the electromagnetic radiation. In fact all sorts of posts on the Internet, that computer radiation is very small with no care, also has said that computer radiation is very large, a variety of views are. Even the CCTV show presentation said electrical radiation is very large, it is recommended that pregnant women with radiation; There is also shows that radiation is small, not too much; So we lost. In fact, objectively speaking, many factors affect a radiation, a measurement result only proves that the State of radiation environment measurement; Out of this environment, the results will have special meaning.

5, when you decide to buy it, put down your original feeling, don't identify which appliances should have radiation, which appliances should be no radiation, the instrument is more effective than feeling. Why make everyone more electromagnetic radiation, we talk about what are the electric and magnetic fields, high frequency and low frequency means what?

We often say that the electromagnetic radiation, radiation of electric field and magnetic field radiation itself is converted to electricity and magnetism, but there is a difference between. Simply put, belongs to the heating effect of electric field will affect the The reproductive system of the human body, brain, vision; Magnetic fields belonging to the non-thermal effects, affects the body's blood system and nervous system; They are harmful to the human body, should also value.

We use 220V/380V AC belongs to frequency, commonly known as the low frequency; Testing appliances, Office equipment, fall into this category. General wireless signal is RF, Commonly known as high frequency; Testing cell phone, route, base stations fall into this category.

6 on cell towers, communication base station Tower radiation related issues?

Transmission tower belonging to the radio, which is what we called high frequency, with our instruments can be detected. Each tower based on its coverage of, transmitting power is different; Greater power, greater extent of the radiation effects. Take the instrument to the Tower's direction, to ensure no interference sources around, and then reading it. That can detect radiation, depending on the actual situation, after all, and the base station power and position and distance from the base station. Base station is actually there is a blind spot at the bottom, sometimes in the bottom of the radiation more small or simply unable to detect radiation, it is not difficult to explain.

Can't live without all kinds of electrical appliances, average use per person per day to dozens of appliances, home appliances add comfort and convenience to our lives at the same time, and what potential dangers? Generally speaking, where there is power and temperature, radiation, we live the most important exposure to electromagnetic radiation from household electrical appliances have various forms of different frequencies and different intensity of electromagnetic radiation sources. In radiation work environments, study, living people, prone to insomnia and more dreams, memory loss, weak weak weak immune systems, the growth of cancer cells 24 times faster than normal. There is scientific evidence, the electromagnetic radiation of human body is chronically exceed 0.2 µ t there will be all kinds of symptoms, then let t 0.2 μ radiation threshold.

1, range hood: low speed: 0.253 µ t, high speed: 0.324 u t

2, fans: close: 29.8 µ t, 1 meter outside: 2.85 u t. (Not blowing distance away)

3, Razor: close: 1.587 μ of t

4, fits: close: 0.633 μ of t