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TY-20MJ. TY-20MJ

TY-20MJ. TY-20MJ
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  • Brand: AICE / Ai test
  • Model Number: 76


A small broken needle residue in the textiles, exports to foreign countries were found, even can face high fines! Many countries have broken down the phenomenon of textiles are expressly provided for and penalties, and your business has a corresponding response Pin detection machine, flat needle detector, portable pin detection device, all aspects of your business to grasp the quality of the needle detection machine needle-type machine, flat needle detector, portable needle detector, all aspects of your business to grasp the quality of turn off!

1, can be knitted, clothing, socks, clothing, leather, shoe materials and other thin, small pieces of products for Broken Needle Detection, can quickly and accurately find broken off the iron needle, wearing to ensure personal safety.
2, can be used for metal buttons and other clothing accessories for ferromagnetic impurities inspection.
3, for drugs, food, chemical raw materials such as ferromagnetic material testing.
4, can be wood, walls, tables inside the nails, steel, pipe the existence of the inspection.
5, the human body, livestock and other industrial injuries, stab wounds, crush and other parts of the inspection, check whether the infiltration of harmful internal iron filings.
6, can also be used for border guards check, civil servants were seized by officers of the hidden weapon of the rapid search.
Hand-held needle detector, luxury desktop-needle, clothing accessories for the needle, toy-specific inspection needle, super sense Should be tested needle device, wide no-drive-type needle detector, wide automatic transmission needle detector, can also be tailored for you.
Technical indicators
Volume: 145mm (length) × 65mm (width) × 45mm (height)
Sensitivity: diameter 1.2mm iron ball up to 10mm height
The highest sensitivity can detect the diameter of 0.8mm iron ball
Diameter 0.7 × 20 broken needle up to 50mm height
Power: 6F22-9V power supply
Weight: 280g
1, a hand-held iron probe
2, a standard test card (1.2mm iron ball)
3, high-performance GP green battery two (a built-in)
4, a certificate
5, a warranty card
6, a product manual
7, a beautifully packaged gift box