Needle | textile and clothing detect needle | Food scrap iron exploration probe instrument TY-20MJ

Needle | textile and clothing detect needle | Food scrap iron exploration probe instrument TY-20MJ

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AICE / AIDS test
  • Model: 76


A small needle left in the textiles exported to foreign countries was found, it could face a hefty fine! Many countries have needle phenomenon textiles expressly and penalties, while your business has a corresponding countermeasures it? needle machine to use it as soon as possible, to ensure that exports of textile no needle sticking phenomenon! needle machine has a pipeline of needle machine, flat-needle machine, portable needle detector, all aspects of quality assurance for your business turn off!

1, can knitting, clothing, socks, clothing, leather, shoes and so thin, small pieces of products for Broken Needle detection, can quickly find the correct drop-off needle decapitation, to ensure personal safety when worn.
2, can be used for metal buttons and other clothing apparel accessory ferromagnetic impurity inspection.
3, for medicine, food, chemical raw materials for detection of ferromagnetic materials.
4, the inspection may be present on wood, walls, tables, inside the nail, steel, pipe.
5, on the human body, animals and other work-related injuries, cuts, crushing and other parts inspection, check whether the internal iron infiltrated harmful substance.
6, can also be used to quickly search the border customs posts, civil servants being seized hidden weapon.
Handheld needle, a Deluxe Desktop mortem needle, needle special clothing accessories, toys ceremony dedicated needle, a super feeling Fulfilled needle, no wide transmission-type needle, boom automatic transmission-type needle device, can also be tailored to your needs.
Technical Specifications
Volume: 145mm (length) × 65mm (width) × 45mm (height)
Sensitivity: 1.2mm diameter iron ball up to 10mm height
The maximum sensitivity can detect the iron ball diameter 0.8mm
0.7 × 20 needle diameter up to 50mm height
Power source: 6F22-9V Power
Weight: 280g
Marked with
1, a hand-held probe iron instrument a
2, the standard test card (1.2mm iron ball)
3, high-performance environmentally friendly batteries GP two (one built)
4, a certificate
5, warranty card
6, the description of a product
7, a beautifully packaged gift boxes