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Fluke Fluke 15B + Digital Multimeter

Fluke Fluke 15B + Digital Multimeter
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Product parameters:

  • Item No: 4404181
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: FLUKE / Fluke
  • Model: 15B +

Fluke will always provide you with superior quality
Fluke 15B + digital multimeter
At work, you need a durable, reliable and accurate digital multimeter. Fluke 15B + digital multimeter to meet or exceed your needs.
The Fluke 15B + is easy to use and requires only one hand to operate, even when worn with gloves, to suit all your needs.

  • 600 V Cat III safety, design specifications
  • The display range is 50% larger and the backlight is bright white.
  • Voltage, resistance, current, capacitance.
  • The AC and DC current measurements at the input terminals are 10 A.
  • Diode test, data retention.

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