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Create a laser level infrared 2-wire 3-wire 5-line high-precision ultra-bright water meter instrument line device

Create a laser level infrared 2-wire 3-wire 5-line high-precision ultra-bright water meter instrument line device
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: a record
  • Model: CY-501
  • Item No .: CY-501
  • 2-wire + rechargeable battery + 2-wire + rechargeable battery + 2-wire + charger + tripod + Tripod 2-wire + rechargeable battery + tripod 3-wire Standard 3-wire + rechargeable battery 3-wire + charger 3-wire + tripod 3-wire + rechargeable battery + tripod 5-wire Standard 5-wire + Set 5-wire + tripod 5-wire + rechargeable battery + tripod
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

3-wire control keys are divided into three keys and four keys, the warehouse random hair, please note

Frequently Asked Questions:

1, Q: create a laser level of use

answer : Laser level, also known as the laser line, or infrared instrument, mainly for the decoration of the master in the construction of automatic leveling, looking straight, looking for benchmarks and home life all kinds of oil paintings, hanging positioning, and towel rack positioning before installation And so on, instead of the traditional ink line, plumb line, pull the water pipe, the level of simple tools such as the use of the level can save a lot of labor costs and improve the construction accuracy can be divided into 2 lines, 3 lines, 5 line laser level meter.

2, create a level and other levels of the home compared to what advantages, where the advantages? Can be used outdoors?

A: The level of a brand has been in strict accordance with international standards of production, including 3 degrees within the automatic leveling technology (Note: If the business level that can automatically level leveling is purely deceptive ), Light, light bright pure technology, equipment, shock and anti-drop design, the old section of the infrared level of light in the indoor environment generally strong enough light, the pro can choose to upgrade the infrared level. Level as long as the outside is not strong sunlight can also use!

3, I see the level of Taobao prices are high and low, and why?

A: The level of the price should be by its performance, quality and service components, a level will never sacrifice the quality of the product at the expense to achieve the purpose of attracting customers, there are some businesses at a lower price online The sale of some low-level level, in fact, this is a means of price promotions, please pro-keep their eyes to prevent deceived!

4, Users: a brand of level instrument after-sales What are the safeguards? Now you can immediately ship it?

A: The flagship store to create a brand of after-sales service is After the sale of the pro who received the goods 7 days If not satisfied with no reason to return or replacement, 30 days can be a replacement (does not affect the secondary sales), 1 year warranty (usually within a year will not be a problem), life-long maintenance. Pro As long as 16:00 before the photographed, will be shipped the same day, special circumstances will be notified of customer service will be!

5, I am a brand flagship store to buy a level instrument shipped with the courier to me unreliable? I heard a lot of courier shipments will lead to damage to items.

A: First, a brand flagship store for the domestic express delivery status, specializing in the production of the box, shock-proof positioning pads and shock filler to ensure that the equipment in the transport of safe and reliable; Second, the pro who received the courier Master of the phone, do not blindly sign, please check the product intact after the receipt, this is the shopping tips Oh!

6, What is the charging package? What is the role? How long does it take to charge? How long can I charge it after a single charge? Can I plug in a 220V power supply directly?

A: As the ordinary battery does not have the charging function, in order to save the cost of customer use, specially designed rechargeable batteries, and chargers, you can not directly on the battery, directly with the charger to use home 22V power supply, directly to the battery in Level battery inside the battery can be charged, and the best not to make the machine in working condition, charge a power about 1.5-2 hours, fully charged can be used continuously for 4-6 hours.