Electromagnetic radiation detection equipment Household radiation testers | electromagnetic field strength meter monitors

Electromagnetic radiation detection equipment Household radiation testers | electromagnetic field strength meter monitors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lan Proudly source
  • Model: LB-F
  • Product Number: LB1024
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering


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This product is the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic radiation Lan Bao tailored OEM products, testing of this product is very accurate, but due to time constraints, this item is temporarily neutral packaging, mind customers Buy carefully!!!

1. Testing for environmental electromagnetic radiation: radiation measurement bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors and the like.
2. appliances for measuring electromagnetic radiation: Analysis test mobile phones, computers, computers, copiers, fax machines, air conditioners, refrigerators and other radiation sources.

Size: 132mm (length) X 69mm (width) X 29mm (height)
Weight: 190 grams
Display reading: three semi-liquid crystal display with maximum reading of 1999
Test Bandwidth: 50HZ-2000MHZ
Sampling time: about 0.4 seconds
Operating voltage: 9V
Battery Type: 6F22 9V

Product Features:
1. Simple operation, can quickly measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation appliances, wires and industrial equipment around.
2. Test band width.
3. The value of contrast and clear, suitable for measuring effects of radiation products presentations, and personal understanding of radiation.
4. Designed to meet CE.
5. value for money, easy to carry.
6. The instrument measured the performance of the phone is very stable, the situation began to have a value of zero and then slowly, as some test equipment will not be a cell phone on the market.

7. The same price to enjoy the different measurement quality, and friends do not have to find reliable electromagnetic radiation tester and worry about.

Measurement program:
1. Press the power switch, aligned under test preparation Electrical measurements
2. The hand-held instrument slowly approaching the object under test, until in contact with, the more electromagnetic radiation near the larger the value of the object to be measured NOTE: the high pressure measuring distances to objects.
3. The measure physiological processes try to change the angle of the instrument, in order to achieve the desired effect.
4. If the power supply is turned off during the measurement object, the instrument reading of zero should be restored, unless there are other interference.

About Battery:
1. When the instrument is smaller test data or not alarm, it means power is low, please replace the battery.
2. To remove the battery when the instrument is not required to be stored.

Related Q & A:
1, the principle of radiation?

The principle of radiation is a current creates a magnetic field, magnetic field is generated
Such electric field produces a magnetic field and then an infinite loop, which is a current source, so when current flows there radiation.

2, some LCD screens, laptops why not detect radiation?
Because the laptop using an LCD display is a liquid crystal screen, luminous LCD screen does not depend on the electron beam strikes the phosphor screen, the display no ordinary high voltage winding its radiation is very low, so the detector does not detect display material is a conventional display phosphor by electron beam strikes the phosphor and the display, the electron beam on the phosphor hit an instant will produce a strong electromagnetic radiation.

3, why some computers, electrical appliances, mobile phones and other detectable radiation?
1. Some manufacturers in product design do have radiation shielding technology, 2. Some imported automatically eliminate radiation appliance itself with an electronic circuit, the release of radiation to reach the national standard radiation safety standards .3. As far as we are currently testing, some foreign brands mobile phones radiation relative to the domestic mobile phone radiation to be smaller.

4, why not detect C network phone radiation?
C network (CDMA band) transmit signal is continuous. G network (GSM digital network) transmit signal is volatile, so the C network phone radiation basically reached the safe range. The detector can not detect.

5, sometimes able to detect electrical why sometimes not detect it?
Impact detection effect there are many reasons

1. Current: supply current strength will affect the test results.
2. Climate: dry weather is prone to static electricity, electrostatic seen nor felt, stick to surfaces when interacting with other objects will release energy when people feel the shock, the human body static voltage has been exceeded. 2000 V; when you see the sparks, the body has more than 3,000 volts of static electricity, then the finger will be needle-like pain; when they heard the discharge of 'crackling' sound, ground yourself as high as 7000-8000 volts. this usually detected no radiation electrical response may also have radiation.

6, why not detect the real ground line appliances?
Real grounding most of its electrical radiation has been grounded by means of the radiation into the earth, so the value of radiation appliances basically reached the safe range.
When we can detect the home power lines or electrical parts, computers and other electrical appliances or undetectable, it indicates that other products have reached the safety of radiation in the range of


1. The series detector is more professional detection tool, be sure to see related presentations and Q & A before you shoot.
2. Because the radiation affected by various effects of the current strength, signal, static electricity, etc. Digital detection is not guaranteed fixed.
3. Before issuing the detector is tested. As a result of non-quality problems and the reason for return, we will not accept. You have any questions, please consult before buying to avoid unnecessary disputes, thank you with!