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LED bulb ceiling light with a modified light bar led light | circular circular 5730 SMD lamp beads light board

Product code: -37392300030
Unit price 1.25-7.32$
Sold quantity 80216
Available stock 201112
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ccobalance / Cobrand
  • Model: BL-9188
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Color Classification: gear 24w15cm activities section of the general activities of the gear section 24w20cm gear activities section 18w20.5cm circular lens highlight 12w diameter 13cm circular lens highlighting 20w diameter 17.8cm circular lens highlight 24w diameter 20.8cm circular lens highlight 36w Diameter 22.5Cm Lens Lens Highlight 40cm32w2 Long Lens Highlight 40cm48w3 Long Lens Highlight 52cm40w2 Long Lens Highlight 52cm60w3 40CM24W4 High Bright 52CM24W3 High Bright 52CM48W6 High Bright 52CM60w6 High Bright 30cm24w4 40cm24w4 Buy 1 get 1 52cm24w3 light board ring 15W20cm buy 1 get 1 light board ring 24w25cm buy 1 get 1 light board ring 12w15cm buy 1 get 1 light board ring 18W25cm buy 1 get 1
  • Operating voltage: 220V
  • Suitable for: traffic lighting indoor landscape lighting flashlight special lighting other
  • Power: Others
  • Light color: warm white