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Single - core plastic laminating machine F9050A A4 card is not a plastic press office office special photo a plastic machine

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Comix / united
  • Model: F-9050A

Streamlined mirror technology, anti-card anti-volume, the plastic effect of formation, smooth, no bubbles

Over plastic stability, long life

Heating fast, temperature balance

Compact body, stylish design, functional

The use of over molding machine range

The benefits of using the press together

Simple, easy to complete a few steps over plastic


1. The press should be placed in a dry, clean place, not on the cooling device near the exit.
2. Do not place debris on the cabinet, so as to avoid accidents.
3. Do not touch the top cover of the case during work to avoid burns.
4. Protect the card film folder is sealed products, be sure to require formation, the total thickness of not more than 0.6mm.
5. Please do not use this machine plastic easy to soft (such as polyethylene), easy to stick, too thin plastic products, so as not to damage the machine.
6. Do not choose the market thin and easy to curl the plastic film (protective film thickness should be between 80mic-125mic), so as not to affect the plastic effect.
7. Please do not put one end of the plastic film into the glue mouth when it is plastic, so that it will wrinkle or stick the film on the rubber roller until it damages the machine.
8. Cots due to aging and other causes of hardening or cracking, it will affect the quality of plastic (such as plastic is not strong, etc.), the need for timely replacement of rubber roller.
9. The machine is limited to indoor (dry environment) use, laminating machine working environment temperature requirements for the 5 ℃ -40 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%.
Please strictly follow the specification instructions, so as not to bring you inconvenience. (For details, please refer to the attached manual)