Painting digital oil painting digital painting | living room painting large flowers hand |

Painting digital oil painting digital painting | living room painting large flowers hand |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Painting Cube / Painting Cube
  • Color Category: Sunflower Van Gogh Sunflower Blues Daisy Flowers Fantasy Fairy Tale Chalice Fairy Tale Hut Almond Flower Set Eiffel My Love Calla Rain Walking Violin Girl Contesting Page Dropout Selection Message Love Lavender Lavender Lily Cats Dancing Ballet Lovely Friends Romantic autumn bloom in full bloom
  • Mounted way: frameless
  • Pattern: other / other
  • Combination of forms: Beng Hao within the box do-it-yourself painting
  • Pigment Type: Propylene
  • Size: 40 * 50 (2.5cm thick within the frame 40 * 50cm 46 * 60cm 60 * 75 (2.5cm thick inner frame 40 * 50 with the frame (gold / white frame message has been installed 46 * 60 with frame Good gold / white box message

Name of product:Hundred options (Photographed after the message pattern name)

size: 40cm * 50cm (Has been stretched inside the box) 0.9kg or so

60cm * 75cm (Self-assembly with in-box) 1.25kg or so
Accessories: Canvas + solid wood frame + green acrylic paint + brush 3 (60 * 75cm6 Brushes) + Refer to drawings

All specifications do not have a frame

Xinjiang * Tibet * Qinghai * Ningxia * Inner Mongolia * Gansu * Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan * Diaoyu Islands * Overseas, because the Ministry of Aviation hair pigment is prohibited, so the above areas do not photographed, thank you understand!

After the photographed please leave a message you want to purchase the pattern

Buy more than 20 * 30 specifications sent

Brightener Palette

Seamless level hook

Like 60 * 75cm pro can go to the following link to shoot

band The number of the part of the color to be color

Pictured above: Dreams

The picture shows: purple lavender

High quality frame positive (Do a good job on the bottom of the coating of cotton oil canvas).

Environmental protection pigments (Non-toxic harmless, in line with ASTM International testing standards 'never change color') .

High-elastic nylon brush (High-quality nylon hair, black paint baked wood 'not shed, do not split')

Receipt on the spot inspection, if damaged, refused to sign!

>> High-quality frame positive Do the bottom of the coating of high-quality cotton canvas oil canvas

>> High-quality frame on the back of solid wood frame 'durable, never deformation'

>> Green paint

Non-toxic harmless, in line with ASTM international testing standards 'never change color'