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Original cartoon animal photo frame | Cute rabbit ear creative photo frame Pendulum frame | Listen to the ear frame

Original cartoon animal photo frame | Cute rabbit ear creative photo frame Pendulum frame | Listen to the ear frame
Product code: 37221900030
Unit price 4.8-30.43$
Sold quantity 10481
Available stock 1785

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Miz / Yonago home
  • Size: in-kind shooting
  • Product Number: ANN010012
  • Color Classification: White Rabbit Ellipse 6 inch white fold ear rabbit square 6 inch white antler square 6 inch white cat oval 6 inch white bear round 4 inch white paragraph five pieces of pink rabbit oval 6 inch pink ear rabbit square 6 inch antler Square 6-inch pink cat oval 6-inch pink bear round 4-inch pink section of the five-piece
  • Picture frame type: Picture frame
  • Shape: round
  • Material: wood
  • Style: Japanese style
  • Whether with a picture: Yes

Anna ear to listen to the picture frame


White rabbit oval 6 inch: wide 14 × high 27 × thick 1.2cm inside the box: 9x14cm
White fold ear rabbit square 6 inches wide: 18.5 × high 30.5 × thick 1.2cm within the box: 9 × 14cm
White antlers square 6 inches: wide 20.5 × high 23 × thick 1.2cm within the box: 14x9cm
White cat oval 6 inch: wide 19 × high 15.5 × thick 1.2cm inside the box: 14x9cm
White Cubs Round 4 inches: Width 15 × Height 15.5 × Thickness 1.2cm Inside the box: 9x9cm


Wood fiber

Place the space
Living room, dining room, bedroom, clubhouse, entrance
White rabbit oval 6-inch, white fold ear rabbit 6-inch square,
White antlers square 6-inch, 6-inch white cat oval,
White Bear 4-inch round

'I call snow Po, like the warm hug'

There is nothing more sweet than the sweet cake, the snowman, and the little horsetail angel, the playful sister who loves sweets, the festive gay parties, and the flowers that grow their wings and dance with all their heart. Start daydreaming, waving my magic wand, to the ice and snow kingdom of the wonderful party.

Inspired by the Disney film "Snow Romance." In the picturesque snow and ice kingdom, whether it is soft Meng snowman, sweet Makalong, or wearing a cauda equina angel, happy cute is the absolute protagonist. Out of a pink world, full of naive romantic people have some small admiration.

'About us' meters time. Yue life; bit by bit to create quality intentions, I am Yonago!

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