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Apple / Apple iPhone 4s 8G Unicom 3G | Mobile

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Product parameters:

  • CPU brand: Apple / Apple
  • CPU model: A5
  • Brand: Apple / Apple
  • Apple Model: iPhone 4s
  • Time to market: 2013
  • Network Type: Unicom 3G
  • Style: straight
  • Size: 3.5 inches
  • Body color: white and black
  • Package type: official standard
  • Rear camera: 8 million
  • Operating system: iOS
  • Additional features: WIFI Internet GPS navigation HD video
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Touch screen type: capacitive
  • Run the memory RAM: 512MB
  • Storage capacity: 8GB
  • Keyboard type: virtual touch screen keyboard
  • Thickness: 9mm (inclusive) -10mm (inclusive)
  • Resolution: 960x640
  • Phone type: camera phone music phone fashion phone smart phone 3G mobile phone 4G mobile phone business phone
  • Battery Type: Non-removable battery
  • Camera type: dual camera (front and rear)
  • Video display format: 720P (progressive HD D4)
  • Network mode: single card dual mode
  • Number of cores: dual core
  • Battery capacity: 1420mAh
  • Body thickness: 9.3mm
  • Version Type: Mainland China

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The phone received the best charge for 1 hour of electricity and then boot activated yo ~