HP HP DL560 Gen8 server | Dual CPU + dual power 1200W 4 * 8GB + 5 * 300GB SAS + R5

HP HP DL560 Gen8 server | Dual CPU + dual power 1200W 4 * 8GB + 5 * 300GB SAS + R5

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Memory Type: Other / other
  • Blade server architecture: 2U
  • Brand: HP / Hewlett-Packard
  • HP server models: DL560G8 (740800-AA1) -2
  • Interface Type: SAS
  • Maximum support CPU number: 4
  • Standard Memory: 8GB
  • Hard drive capacity: Other Capacities
  • Processor clock speed: 2.2GHz
  • Service: Genius
  • Server Type: Rack

HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 2U Quad host server's CPU + 740800-AA1 dual electric double 1200W

E5-4603v2 / 1 * 8G / P420i (0M) / 5 * SFF / 1200W Power Supply

Double CPU + dual power 1200W +4 * 8GB + 5 * 300GB SAS + raid 5 ¥47530.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 4 * 16GB + 5 * 1.2TB SAS + Raid 5 ¥60466.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 8GB + 2 * 300GB 10K SAS 2.5 ¥40278.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 4 * 16GB + 5 * 1TB SAS + raid 5 ¥53018.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 4 * 8GB + 5 * 600GB SAS + raid 5 ¥53704.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 2 * 8GB + 3 * 1TB SAS + raid 5 ¥44786.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + No hard drive comes standard with 8GB ¥37631.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 2 * 8GB + 3 * 600GB SAS + raid 5 ¥46256.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 4 * 16GB + 5 * 600GB SAS + raid 5 ¥55664.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 2 * 8GB + 2 * 1TB 7.2K SAS 2.5 ¥42630.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 4 * 8GB + 5 * 1TB SAS + raid 5 ¥51058.00

Double CPU + dual power 1200W + 2 * 8GB + 3 * 300GB SAS + raid 5 ¥42630.00

※ Note ※ machine configuration can be customized to your actual needs

processor Intel ® Xeon ® E5-4603 v2 (4-core, 2.2 GHz, 10 MB, 95 watts) Number of processors 1 Processor core available 4 form factor (fully configured) 2U power type 2 universal slots for up to 6 expansion slots a PCIe


Memory (standard) 8GB (1x8GB) RDIMM Memory slots 48 DIMM slots; Maximum memory type 1R x4 PC3-14900-13


Drive description
  • Standard does not provide
The hard disk included with the standard does not provide; supports up to 5 SFF SAS / SATA hot-swap hard disk drive type only external support

Controller Card

Network Controller 1Gb 331FLR an Ethernet adapter, four-port controller; Storage Controller Smart Array P420i; available for all models

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (W x D x H) 43.45 x 62.23 x 2.97 cm Weight 17.4 kg

Server Management

Infrastructure Management iLO Management Engine, Insight Control

Items included

  • 3/3/3 - Warranty server includes three parts maintenance-free labor costs for three years, three years free on-site support services

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HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 is the ProLiant Scale-up x86 portfolio launched a new server, which redefines the density-optimized 4-socket rack server technology, without degrading performance, scalability, and extensibility. the latest Gen8 innovative hardware and software features an intuitive basis, support for new high-density and economically efficient Intel ® Xeon ® E5-4600v2 processor, DL560 Gen8 is virtualization, server consolidation, database, business processing and general 4P ideal for data-intensive applications, you can focus on optimizing data center space and price / performance ratio.


Using ideal 4S / 2U compact exterior, without compromising performance, scalability, and extensibility

In the absence of the system configuration constraint condition, by the dense 2U form factor provides 4S computing, ProLiant DL560 supports four highly cost-effective Intel ® Xeon ® E5-4600v2 processors, each processor can be up to 12 nuclear power up to 130 watts. HP Smart storage technology is designed to eliminate storage bottlenecks and greatly enhance the performance of data-intensive applications, thereby expediting the work of processing speed. write cache with an optional 512 MB flash memory support, support for HP Smart Array P420i RAID control is total of six PCIe 3.0 expansion slots (3 x16), and the future of this technology is currently supported by the highest execution tab, compared with Gen7 server on each I / O expansion slots provide up to 400% bandwidth improved latency. HP FlexibleLOM can provide you with a network bandwidth and configuration options that enable you to calmly deal with the ever-changing business needs. HP SmartMemory improve workload performance and energy efficiency, and through enhanced error handling to prevent data loss and stop supports 48 DDR3-DIMM sockets, the maximum capacity of 1.5TB.

HP ProActive Insight architecture to bring a new customer experience

By redefining the customer experience HP ProActive Insight architecture, user-oriented design can prevent data loss, reduce downtime, and improve serviceability include HP SmartDrive, 'Snap and Go' rail kit options, and tool-free assembly access. Integration lifecycle automation functionality through simplified configuration, proactive health monitoring and alerting and automated firmware and system software maintenance, provides an intuitive system management. dynamic workload acceleration storage, computation and I / O integration in order to significantly improve performance and recovery while eliminating bottlenecks. space, power and cooling resources required for automatic power saving feature recyclable workload optimization, help expand data center capacity. HP proactive support services with industry-leading performance, uptime and long time high efficiency multiple advantages, so personalized and simplified support experience.

HP's integrated management and support easy to use, fully release the potential of infrastructure

HP iLO Management Engine includes a complete set of embedded features, all ProLiant Gen8 servers are standard features, including HP iLO, HP Agentless Management, HP Active Health system monitoring, intelligent configuration and HP HP Embedded Remote Support. HP Insight Control provides advanced management capabilities across the entire lifecycle of HP ProLiant server infrastructure. HP iLO advanced is a key component, provides enhanced remote server functions, thus reducing travel costs of IT staff to improve efficiency and solve problems . HP Insight Online with HP Insight Remote support provides 24x7 remote monitoring, and can be anywhere on your IT and support status personalized access. HP SmartUpdate by systematically updating server infrastructure in the data center, reducing deployment time and reduce the complexity of the update, including HP Smart update Manager (HP SUM), Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), and other products.