13.6 four | XXL Gaga thick soft cotton wash pearl | wood charcoal seaweed wash flapping can bathe

13.6 four | XXL Gaga thick soft cotton wash pearl | wood charcoal seaweed wash flapping can bathe

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: love atti round pleiotropic wash cotton
  • Color Classification: Black Pink Green White
  • Brand: love atti
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: multi-effect round face cotton
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications

13.6 yuan 4 Description:

Gaga Gaga big thick cotton face a price of 6.8 yuan, making two price 13.6 yuan, to shoot 3's price is 20.4 yuan, Sign 4 13.6yuan Photographed automatically change the price . Took issue because the system did not change the price, please contact our customer service after receiving the goods refund the difference, thank you.

Sign 4 13.6 yuan, Sign 4 13.6 yuan, Sign 4 13.6 yuan, promotions direct shot four more have Oh!!

[Name]: love atti round pleiotropic wash cotton

[Material]: Sponge

- Size: about 120 * 25mm, is 25mm thick Oh.

Market a lot thinner than the wash flapping 15mm, such wash cotton basically corners more than expected to do, the quality can not be guaranteed, and in particular the use of easily damaged, especially suck.

Package: green plastic bags

[Introduction]: super, super thick super soft and delicate, safe and odor-free, deep cleansing, to skin the most gentle cleaning.

1. It has water and oil absorption, acid and alkali resistance after absorbing soft texture, with some wet strength and friction This product is made of medical polymer synthetic sponge manufacturing, the human body without harm.;

2. not only water, but also having to absorb lower alcohols, higher alcohols and oil properties for the emulsion type cosmetic emulsion breaking phenomenon does not produce, which can be used in conjunction to achieve the best results;

3. After washing and massage product can be the face, ears and neck and other parts inside the pores clean dirt road fine lines, promote skin blood circulation, enhance the absorption of nutrition and cosmetics therapeutic component;

4. The use of repeated, repeated washing deformation does not deteriorate.

Soft skin-friendly, easy to handle, washable, can completely replace the towel, feel comfortable, easy to carry thoroughly shallow skin and pores of dirt and grease, make skin clean and smooth.

Help necrotic skin off, promote blood circulation, under the appropriate friction massage to reach it, so you feel fresh and elastic.
After using water squeeze dry, well-ventilated place upright, completely dried and hardened, the bacteria can not breed, health and durable.
Cleansing face the best choice! Trusted friends.


1, before use thoroughly soaked with water wash flapping.

2, squeeze the right amount of cleanser to wash pounced, with some water and rub from the bubble.

3, in order to 'play a round' Gently wipe the face, then water thoroughly wash away the bubbles to clear blackheads, oil and the like.

After use, the skin is more clean and fresh, make your skin fresh and clean, make your every pore becomes breathable.