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iWOWN Egyptian micro I5Plus intelligent motion bracelet | SMS Caller sleep detection watches Andrews IOS

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Function: Smart remind social entertainment sleep monitoring pedometer remote self-timer
  • Brand: iwown
  • Model: i5 plus
  • Color Category: Red Spot] [stock blue] black [spot]
  • Applicable: android platform Apple iOS platform
  • Wireless distance: 5m (including) -10m (including)

This paragraph bracelet APP can upgrade, firmware bracelet manufacturers received no notification will be allowed to upgrade to avoid a brick.

1. Compatible with Apple and Android: Perfect support iOS7.0 and above (4S above series of mobile phones and can be used by ), Android 4.3 or higher and phones, and Bluetooth 4.0 and above version Before use.
2. Calls to remind: Once connected via Bluetooth bracelet phone, flip phone calls ring will vibrate at the same time on the screen Caller names or phone numbers So you will not because the phone put the bag and dropped calls;
3. Raising his hand bright screen: The bracelet lift from the bottom up, put the level, can wait half a second bright screen (2.0APP as palming bright screen), look at the time and more convenient.
4. SMS Push: Through the APP settings, the phone after receiving the SMS message content can be on hand to push the screen ring in hand rings can directly view the content of messages, message content if more than 16 characters, you can tap the screen to view the next page.
5. QQ micro letter message push: After setting by APP, the phone receives a micro-channel or QQ messages can be pushed to hand on the message content screen ring in hand rings can directly view the contents of the message, if the message content more than 16 characters, you can tap the screen to view the next page. More message (such as Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) push, please consult customer service.
6. Silent Alarm: In a zero-APP which can set an alarm, bracelet will vibrate for about 10 seconds.
7. Sedentary reminder: In a zero APP set period of time, according to the state of motion automatically remind everyone up and walk around.
8. PSG: Automatic monitoring and manual modes, you can monitor their sleep quality, the new version of a zero-optimized data calculation method, data is more accurate.
9. Find your phone: At the prompt set to ring mode, volume and open media, the bracelet zoned to find the phone screen, press the screen to shake hands ring 1, the phone beeps.
10. Sport pedometer: Users can run the monitoring data, running miles, calories and other data.
11. Week display the date and time: Can be displayed on the bracelet date, time and day of the week, you can also hand ring current power.
13. Chi beat: Zero in on a moving interface, point the top right drop-down button, enter 'chi beat' screen, this time, the screen will display a bracelet camera icon, every time the wristband can take a photograph Image in the phone gallery or album there must be a zero-open permissions allow access to the camera and photo albums, otherwise invalid (The latest zero a 3.0 this function has been canceled, please note that before the upgrade).
14 . Touch-screen control: iwown / Å micro I5PLUS smart bracelet for the whole touch-screen control, or click the bracelet by sliding the screen, you can easily switch between the various functional interface
↓ adaptation phone models refer to the bottom of the page ↓