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Tteoobl / Tesla T-009C / 20 米 Shen shrink card camera waterproof bag diving swim with a mirror window

Tteoobl / Tesla T-009C / 20 米 Shen shrink card camera waterproof bag diving swim with a mirror window
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Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: Orange White Pink Green Blue Brown Matte Black
  • Brand: tteoobl / special than music
  • Item: T-009C
  • made in China
  • Applicable sex: Male and female general
  • Price tag: 58
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream rafting tourism
  • Time to market: 2012

New baby, we cool summer. . .

Beyond the Chinese mainland, the need to send courier costs according to the actual calculation.

The following T-019C is a gold partner, outdoor security equipment necessary

Tteoobl special card than the card shrink waterproof camera bags excited summer

This Tteoobl special music, suitable for hundreds of the market with Shen shrink lens card small digital camera, the camera sets using a unique number of patent protection shutter operating system, practical and easy to use, for Tteoobl special than music Professional waterproof manufacturers to provide cost-effective baby is very reasonable, this product is committed to the market than the other 68 yuan 128 yuan so-called boast of exports of foreign goods goods even better, the real price of real cost-effective for quality For higher requirements, select the following GQ-318 connection

Integrated waterproof shutter operating system, comfortable, convenient, practical, safe,

Underwater photography, operating freely, clear does not affect

Here are the parameters of this smart camera waterproof bag baby

Brand : Tteoobl / special music

name : Camera waterproof bag (with Shen shrink lens card camera)

Model: T-009C

Effective use of space: 14CM * 10.5CM * 0.35 mm (L * W * thick)

Lens: Height 2.5CM

Lens diameter: 4CM

Lens position: Hard material

color: blue , Orange , White , Black, green , red , Chocolate color , Crystal through.

Origin : China. Guangdong

Warranty : 3 years

product material : High-quality PVC reinforcement

Maximum water depth : 20 meters
weight : 59G (to remove the packaging)

Patented product imitation will study

Note the problem: I Division in order to more convenient to provide fast and efficient service, now filled most of the 包邮, if you buy one, is also 包邮, many are the same 包邮, please know, 包邮, attention, Some far away areas such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, northeast of Sana'a Province and other regions, need to make up a small amount of freight, please click on the specific shipping template, each customer ID can only be purchased a package, such as promise to buy more than one package, Such as multiple ID were to buy, but the address of the same phone name, are regarded as the same purchase, thank you for understanding and support on this issue I do not answer the Secretary.

For outdoor sports, water parks, swimming, diving, rafting, beach, beach, outdoor work, usually the dust and sweat are very easy to use, 100% safe to play in the water

The integration of the patented waterproof shutter operation, water security is guaranteed

Tteoobl special waterproof digital camera waterproof bags

'Tteoobl special than music' digital camera waterproof cover. Use of high-quality materials Polyvinylchloride, not only has excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging characteristics, and is a mature environmentally friendly materials, with high strength, good toughness, Resistant, cold resistant, oil resistant, hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, good elasticity, softness and other physical properties, shock resistance and shock absorption performance at minus 35 degrees, etc .. He has high waterproof Waterproof, windproof, rain and snow, suitable for outdoor sports, beaches, ponds and other areas of the water, , Rainy days, underwater shooting use, usually use your camera can be fully protected, and enjoy the fun of shooting in the water, outdoor sports are the standard equipment.

After the test the water in the jaw is opened, the water remaining in the folder and mistaken for water.

Solution : When used, please seal the seal, in addition, when the opening should also pay attention to, after all, and the water to deal with, open the folder must take the water drip, and then open the backwards, so the residue in the folder Of the small water droplets will not slip into the bag body.

Does not affect the clarity, sea shot seafood, have fun.

The Golden Sheep Network (2005-06-09 16:58:56)

Text / Reporter Liu Jia-ning interns Su Yuyan

Figure / Liu Jialing

With the decline in the threshold of digital cameras, digital cameras to buy more and more users, then use a digital camera at the same time, you have thought about how to maintain a digital camera, digital camera maintenance process should pay attention to those points? You do the following work, which will make your digital camera more durable and more 'healthy'.

A Fang: waterproof moisture

Guangdong is particularly humid spring, digital camera internal electronic components may be subject to moisture erosion and accelerated aging and oxidation.The lens and other optical devices once the damp mold, in serious cases will make the lens scrapped.For the use of a large number of precision optoelectronic devices digital Camera, the moisture can be listed as the number one killer.Therefore, moisture-proof mold is very important.

The long-term in a humid environment, the life of digital cameras will be greatly reduced.However, for digital cameras, the moisture is only 'chronic', if the digital camera into the water or rain, then fear of life at risk.Therefore, Moisture-proof work is to protect the digital camera's primary key.

Users should avoid digital camera rain, splashing water, etc., in the seaside or waterfall and other places should take pictures of the fuselage and lens waterproofing protection work.

Protection tactics: digital camera damp more, damp air, by the air conditioning room and the external temperature contrast of moisture, corrosive sea water, rain, coffee drinks spilled, and many other situations can be described as digital camera killer. , Such as Canon PowerShotA70, optional optional WP-DC700 waterproof cover, the deepest in the 40 meters of the digital camera waterproof moisture-proof accessories: desiccant, moisture-proof box, waterproof case, waterproof cover and other products. Underwater normal use.But the moisture cabinet or waterproof case often because of expensive or single model can not meet most of the needs of users, desiccant can be described as the cheapest and most practical one of the moisture-proof products.As long as the major stationery shop or photographic equipment Stores and other places can be found.The most commonly used moisture-proof agent for the 'color silicone', when the moisture absorption of moisture will be changed from blue blue to pink, this time the moisture function will become increasingly weak, the user should When you see the color change in time to change the color of silica gel.Through drying, lamp irradiation or microwave drying, color change back to the blue silica gel to use.Often go out of the user can choose a sealed zipper mouth of the plastic bag One to prevent rain, seawater and other infiltration, on the other hand is also very economical and portable.

Key Tip: leather products, the camera sleeve is not a good choice, because the cortex is not only moisture absorption but also difficult to dry.

Two anti: crash collision pressure

Do not think your digital camera is 'Astro Boy': digital camera LCD display, optical lenses, internal components are the most vulnerable parts, and these parts damaged, the maintenance costs are very expensive. So users in the course of the use of these parts to be more care.

Because the exposure of the reason, LCD screen and optical lens damage is undoubtedly the greatest opportunity, LCD screen is actually in the middle of two glass filled with liquid crystal, when subjected to external shock glass break, inside the liquid crystal on the The screen will appear 'black spots' and can not enjoy the fun of taking pictures at the same time, LCD display should also avoid the harm caused by high temperatures It is reported that if the temperature is too high, LCD display will turn black, then even if the temperature Down to the normal state, the color LCD display can not be restored.

Protection tactics: in the course of the operation is recommended to use the camera chain to hang the camera in the neck or hands, as many years ago, the phone hanging in the chest as this is the most practical way to avoid the camera off the ground caused by 'regret'. In the attachment products, you can choose a better performance of the camera bag seismic .Today the camera bag brand on the market, the purchase should be waterproof, wear-resistant nylon or man-made fiber-based material. Storage batteries, memory cards, lenses and other locations, such as Lowepro and Domke and other brands of photographic package products will have excellent shock and water resistance, economic users may wish to consider such products.

Highlights: LCD screen attached to the protective film can effectively prevent the screen wear and tear, such protective film are sold in the computer city.

Three against: dust and fingerprints

Users have found that digital cameras in the use of a longer time after the screen will appear on the dust particles.Although there are manufacturers to develop ultrasonic dust removal technology, such as Olympus digital SLR camera E1 with ultrasonic motor can be carried out on the CCD dust cleaning, but At the same time, the fingerprints on the camera lens, dust, etc. will also affect the normal shooting quality.Therefore, do digital camera care work will undoubtedly make your digital camera more stable and more long-term To bring you the fun of photography.

Protection Tip: In the case of not using the lens cover should be covered to avoid dust adhesion to the lens.Blowing ball and lens paper is essential to clean the lens of the two tools.When the mirror dust, you can use the first blow The ball is blown off, and then use the lens for cleaning cloth, from the center to the outside gently wipe away the rest of the stains.Most users know that the camera lens is a very sophisticated components, due to the lens surface with a layer of anti-reflective coating , So when the dust on the lens must not be used directly to touch the lens in addition, the user can also choose the lens cleaning fluid to clean the lens.

Highlights: the camera lens is only necessary to clean, a little bit of dust will not affect the quality of the shooting.

Pink display

Operation effect

Multi-color options, arbitrary

Fashion blue

Chocolate Colors

This T-009C completely in-kind shooting, do not do any confusing friends color photos, strong quality, cost-effective, real.

Multi-insurance water is guaranteed, throwing water is floating, do not float to the sea to Kazakhstan, pay attention to grasp the rope Oh,

The appropriate table below, the following table is just as a reference, really appropriate, please consult our staff to determine and then buy, or cause inappropriate, at your own risk

Recommended reason

At present, most of the camera itself does not have the waterproof function, in the case of bathing, rain, swimming, inconvenient use, the product can solve the above problems, to provide convenience.Presently the products are mainly exported to the United Kingdom, In good condition.
'Tteoobl' is a new type of waterproof camera case, this product is produced by Tteoobl special than music, is the pursuit of the latest security equipment and production. Is a multi-purpose brand waterproof cover, ultra-thin design, Feel comfortable .20 meters deep 100% can guarantee the waterproof function, accidentally dropped in the water will automatically float up, because this product is produced using advanced special materials, so do not worry about call effects, listen to MP3, MP4, Internet, camera, 100% completely sealed, waterproof up to 20 meters deep. Because completely sealed, so the moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil pollution, and so on, the camera camera and camera in the bag is not any difference, , Can not hurt the camera in the protective cover can be directly operated.This product can prevent machine mobile phones in the beach and the sea when playing the water, into the sand problem.Let you want to shoot, play.

Before using this product, please do a waterproof test and check for any damaged parts, especially the seal and the surrounding.
2. After each use, please check the mouth and seal, and avoid strong impact and scratches, do not endure at high temperatures.
3. After use in water, if you need to remove the camera, please seal down, to avoid residual moisture into the waterproof cover.
4. For 35 degrees between the temperature, do not use in the hot springs.

Please indicate the type of purchase. Do not understand can consult our staff, as opposed to this section waterproof camera sets, swimming in the use of more attractive M M Oh. Oh.

The following is the model table, model number, can not enumerate, the following model will be updated because the machine specifications are not correct, in order to protect some, can consult us directly before the model to tell us the staff, we will immediately Help you determine whether the appropriate use, thank you for your support.

Recommended reason

At present, many people not only like to climb mountains and wading, in order to allow more people to share their joy in the play, the film camera or camera phone shooting has become an indispensable way, therefore, camera or camera phone The emergence of protective sleeve will be subject to many photographers and travel enthusiasts welcome.
The life jacket of the mobile phone can float on the water if it is not careful.It can be used in seawater because of its new material and special manufacturing treatment, which is immune to the salt damage.The product has anti-ultraviolet function, plastic and rubber parts In hardening, cracking.

product advantages

1, For swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities , After rigorous testing, the maximum depth is 20 meters, but the use, in order to more security, it is recommended in 10Meter Within the water depth , Can dive to answer the phone or take pictures ,And can drift the water can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and drifting enthusiasts!

2, The screen and the camera in the bag outside the basic shooting without any difference, 100%Fully sealed, so that moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, can not harm the camera in the protective cover can be directly operated.This product can prevent the digital camera in the beach and sea play, Sand problem .Let you want to shoot, play.

3, Waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, by Pvc It can protect your digital camera from wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, hot and humid water. It can protect your digital camera from wind, frost, rain, snow, sand, Steam, sweat and other hazards, you do not have to worry about the splashing section of the mad splash, Hainan typhoon rainstorms, Lushan misty wind around the Shanghai rainy season wet, drifting waves, bathing hot springs swimming pool people slapstick play, desert wonders The environment and the sand and so on tourism and donkey line of good items may be harmful to the phone.

4, To the sauna, rafting, swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about no camera /Mobile phone in the side and worry. Do not have to worry about the phone will be wet rain and distress. Put your camera /Mobile phone installed inside the bag, like you have a protection of the same side, no scruples, no longer because the camera /Mobile phone water and feel bad, feel a waste of all the troubles are gone.

Buyer must read

1. OUR all products are taken in kind, because the display or ambient light reasons, may be slightly biased, please prevail in kind.
If you have any questions, please consult me, so as not to cause dissatisfaction after the purchase, I will take the trouble to answer your questions. If I do not, please leave a message; direct shot, please contact the seller and timely confirmation .
3. Before purchase, please refer to the product description and product display carefully, and inform your camera brand and model, or photographed remarks can be noted, freight prices can refer to the product below the freight template, inconvenience please understand .
4. If you do not receive the baby in time, or receive baby quality problems, or your baby are not satisfied with any place, please do not immediately to the assessment and negative feedback, because the assessment and negative feedback actually can not solve your I will cherish, I will put ourselves in your position, to give you a satisfactory solution, please believe me, if not for my reasons and the reasons for the problem, please contact me for the buyer to make every praise, Resulting in evaluation of disputes, in order to store the precious reputation I can only use the complaint to resolve the way.
6. Provinces can also send logistics, but also faster, 3 to 5 days, freight is relatively affordable. (Recommended for large quantities of customers to buy)

7-15 days. To the destination, from the post office near you will inform you to pick up (not recommended, the word (too slow) sometimes do not do a good job, you can also send surface mail, is through the post office shipping. But also to 30 days,
8. Guangzhou potential tyrants sporting goods (small source)! I wish you a happy shopping!

payment method

Treasurer highly recommended The use of Alipay, it is not Taobao account name can click on cash on delivery, Guangdong Province, cash on delivery without formalities, the provincial fee of 6 yuan each time, you can also bank remittance, remittance account Please contact before buying We choose your most convenient bank based on your nearest route

Because this product is special, in order to be safe, please use other paper towels before loading into the corresponding depth, the corresponding use of water after the test no problem and then put your electronic products into use, otherwise Due to the different weather, different temperatures, different freshwater seawater buoyancy of the different depth of the marked uncertainty of the data factors, the water depth of about 5 hours, Quality issues only return service, the purchase of this product is deemed to have been viewed and accepted all the relevant content of the Company, including this warning!