Tteoobl / special than music T-009C / 20 Mishin shrink card waterproof camera shoot has mirror windows Diving Swimming

Tteoobl / special than music T-009C / 20 Mishin shrink card waterproof camera shoot has mirror windows Diving Swimming

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: Orange White Green Blue Brown Pink Frosted Black
  • Brand: tteoobl / special than music
  • Item No: T-009C
  • made in China
  • To apply a gender: unisex
  • Price tag: 58
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Upstream rafting tour
  • Time to market: 2012

New baby, you a cool summer. . .

Beyond the Chinese mainland should be calculated according to the actual sending delivery costs.

The following T-019C is a gold partner, outdoor necessary safety equipment

Tteoobl special than music cards Shen shrink waterproof camera exciting summer

The Tteoobl special than music, hundreds of models with a small digital camera card application reduction lens suitable on the market, this camera uses a unique set of patents to protect shutter operating system, practical and easy to use, especially for Tteoobl than the music professional waterproof manufacturers to provide cost-effective baby should be very reasonable, this product promises even better than the so-called foreign goods export boast a material other 68 yuan 128 yuan on the market, the real price of real goods real prices. for quality more demanding, please select below the GQ-318 connection

Integrated waterproof shutter operating system, comfortable, convenient, practical, safe,

Water photography, operating freely, clearly does not affect

Here is this smart baby waterproof camera parameters

Brands : Tteoobl / special than music

name : Waterproof camera (with application condensing lens card camera-specific)

Model: T-009C

Effective use of space: 14CM * 10.5CM * 0.35 mm (L * W * H)

Lens: height 2.5CM

Lens Diameter: 4CM

Lens Location: hard material

color: blue , Orange , White , Black, green , red , Chocolate color , Crystal transparent.

Place of origin : China Guangdong

Warranty : 3 years

product material : High quality PVC reinforcing material

The maximum water depth : 20 m
weight : 59G (remove packaging)

Patented product imitation reserved

Note Question: I Division in order to provide more convenient and fast, efficient service, now fill the majority of shipping, if you buy a, but also free shipping, free shipping is the same multiple, please know, free shipping, attention problems, Some remote areas such as the northeast region of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces of Sana'a, the need to fill a small amount of freight, shipping details, please click on the template for each client ID can purchase a package mail, such as the promise to purchase multiple simultaneously be shipping only, not low buckle, do not redeem, such as a plurality of ID were auctions, but the same name address phone, are treated with a purchase, Thank you for understanding and support on this issue do not make our answered.

For those who love outdoor sports, water parks, swimming, diving, rafting, beach, beaches, outdoor work, the usual anti-sweat and dust are very easy to use, 100% safe dabble

Integration patent waterproof operates the shutter, waterproof safe and secure

Tteoobl special than music digital camera waterproof

'Tteoobl special than music' digital camera waterproof jacket. Premium materials Polyvinylchloride, not only has excellent high-tension high-tension ﹑ ﹑ and tough anti-aging properties, and is a kind of mature green material with high strength, good toughness, wear-resistant, cold, oil, hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, at minus 35 degrees still maintain good flexibility, outstanding flexibility and other physical properties, impact resistance and shock absorption properties and other fine features. he has a high water many anti-moisture permeability ﹑ cold wind ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ antibacterial mold ﹑ ﹑ UV and thermal energy release and other outstanding features. dustproof function products, waterproof, anti-sandstorm, anti-rain and snow, suitable for outdoor sports, beach, pool , rainy day, shooting underwater use, normal use and allow your camera to be fully protected and enjoy the fun of shooting water, is an essential standard equipment for outdoor sports.

After testing the jaws open water after being left in the folder into which it flows mistaken for water.

Solution : When in use, the good sealing closure, in addition, in the open when it should be noted that, after all, dealing with water, open the folder must take the water droplets dry, then turn on backwards, so left in the folder the small droplets will not slip into the bag body.

Does not affect the clarity of the sea beat Seafood, having fun.

Jinyang 2005-06-09 16:58:56

Text / reporter intern Su Yu Yan Liu Jianing

Chart / Liu Jianing

With digital cameras, lowering the threshold for users to buy digital cameras is also increasing. So at the same time using a digital camera, a digital camera that you have thought about how to care for it? Digital camera maintenance during what should pay attention to those points? And if you do the following, which will make your digital camera more durable and more 'healthy'.

A proof: waterproof moisture

Guangdong extremely wet spring, the digital camera's internal electronic components, or subject to tidal erosion accelerated aging and oxidation. The coated lenses and other optical devices once damp moldy, serious cases will make the lens scrapped. For a large number of digital precision photoelectric device in terms of the camera, and wet it can be classified as the number one killer. Therefore, moisture mold is very important.

Life long in wet environments of digital cameras will be greatly reduced. However, for the purposes of digital cameras, moisture just 'chronic' If your digital camera into water or rain, unfortunately, is in danger of fear for their lives. So, how do proof and waterproof work is the primary key to protecting digital cameras.

Digital camera users should avoid rain, splashing water, etc., in places such as the beach or waterfall should do waterproof camera body and lens protection.

Protection brilliant idea: a digital camera more damp, humid air, moisture from the air-conditioned rooms with an external temperature contrast formed with corrosive seawater, rain, splashing into coffee drinks and many other cases are described as a digital camera, but the killer. , the market has emerged for many digital cameras, moisture-proof waterproof accessories: desiccant, Cabinets, waterproof shell, waterproof sets and other products such as Canon PowerShotA70, supporting optional WP-DC700 waterproof cover, most can at 40 meters underwater normal use. However Cabinets or waterproof housing is often expensive or because a single model can not meet the needs of most users, the desiccant can be described as one of the cheapest and most practical moisture products as long as the major stationery or photographic equipment stores and other places can be found. the most commonly used mainly for moisture agent 'color gel', when the color gel moisture absorption of moisture will turn from blue to pink, this time its moisture barrier will become weaker, the user should when you see the color change color gel drying time. dried by drying, or microwave irradiation lamp, change back to blue discoloration of silica gel before use. the user can choose to often go out with a sealing zipper mouth of the bags away digital camera to a prevents rainwater, sea water infiltration, on the other hand is also very economical portable.

Highlights: leather camera case is not a good choice, because not only the cortex but also easy to dry moisture absorption.

Two anti-: pressure drop collision

Do not think that your digital camera is 'Astro Boy': are the most vulnerable parts of LCD displays, optical lenses, digital cameras and other internal components and after several damaged parts, maintenance costs are very expensive. so users in the course of a few of these sites to be more caring.

Because exposed sake, damaged opportunity LCD display and optical lens is undoubtedly the biggest, the LCD display is in fact two intermediate glass filling the liquid crystal, when the glass broken by external impact, on the inside of the LCD will flow, will appear on the screen 'black spots' and can not enjoy the fun of taking pictures. At the same time, LCD screen should avoid high temperature caused by the injury. According to reports, if the temperature is too high, LCD display will be black, then even if the temperature down to a normal state, color LCD screen can not be restored.

Protection brilliant idea: It is recommended to use the camera during the operation chain camera hung around the neck or hands, like years ago, the phone hung on the chest, as this is the most realistic way to dispose of the camera to avoid landing caused 'sorry'. in terms of accessories, you can choose a better seismic performance of the camera bag. nowadays many brands on the market, camera bag, purchase should be waterproof, wear nylon or rayon-based materials. interior space you need to reserve storing the battery, memory card, camera positions, such as Lowepro and Domke camera bag and other brands of products it has excellent waterproof seismic capability, economy allows users may wish to consider such products.

Highlights: The LCD screen protective film posted screen can effectively prevent wear and tear, such protective films are sold in computer city.

Three anti-: dust and fingerprints

Users have found that using a digital camera on the back longer time screen will appear dust particles. Despite manufacturers to develop ultrasonic dust removal technology, such as the Olympus Digital SLR E1 with an ultrasonic motor can be cleaned to remove dust from the CCD, but do not each expect digital cameras have such a specific function. at the same time, on the camera lens fingerprints, dust, etc. will also affect the normal recording quality. Therefore, a good digital camera care undoubtedly make your camera more stable and long-term to bring you the joy of photography.

Protection brilliant idea: in the case of not using the lens cap should prevent adhesion of dust on the lens and Blower and lens paper lens cleaning is an essential tool when different dust on the mirror, you can use the blow. Blow off the ball, then use special lens cleaning cloth, gently wipe from the center of the rest of the stain to the outside. most users are aware, the camera lens is a very delicate part, since the lens surface with a layer of anti-reflective coating processing, so the dust on the lens must not hand directly touch the lens. In addition, users can choose lens cleaning fluid to clean the lens.

Highlights: camera lens only when necessary to carry out cleaning, a little bit of dust will not affect the recording quality.

Pink Display

Operational effect

More color choices, arbitrary

Fashion Cyan

Chocolate color

The T-009C is completely taken in kind, without any confusion friends color photo, strong quality, cost-effective, real.

Multi Insurance waterproof guaranteed, throw the water floating, do not float to the sea Kazakhstan, rope grab attention Oh,

Suitable models table, the following table only as a reference, the real is appropriate, please consult our staff is determined after the purchase, or cause inappropriate, peril

Recommended reason

Currently, most of the camera itself does not have waterproof function, in the bath, rain, swimming, etc., inconvenient to use, the product can solve the above problems, providing people with convenient. At present, the main products exported to the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, sales good condition.
'Tteoobl special than music' is a new waterproof camera case, this product is manufactured by Tteoobl special than music, for the pursuit of the latest safety equipment production. The brand is a multi-purpose waterproof jacket, slim design, feel comfortable .20 meters deep one hundred percent can ensure waterproof function, accidentally fell into the water will automatically float, since this product uses advanced special materials production, so nothing to worry about call quality and listen to MP3, MP4, Internet, camera, each kinds of camera operation function, etc., the picture is more imaging camera and camera bags, shooting is no difference, 100% completely sealed, waterproof up to 20 meters deep. because fully enclosed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil , they can not harm the camera in a protective case can be directly operated. this product can be eliminated for mobile phone at the beach and the sea water play, into the sand problem. so you want to shoot, play.

Before using this product, please do waterproof test and check for damaged parts, especially in and around the seal.
2. After each use, check the mouth and sealed, and avoid strong shocks and scratches, do not use at high temperatures lasting.
3. After water use, such as the need to remove the camera, please put the seal downward to avoid the residual moisture into the waterproof jacket.
4. Applicable to temperatures around 35 degrees, do not use in hot springs.

Please specify when buying the model. You can not understand the consultation of our staff, with respect to this section waterproof camera case, use of the swimming more attractive M M Oh. Oh...

The following is a table model, more models, can not list them all, following the model of the machine because of an incorrect update caused specifications, in order to protect some of the more, may be consulted prior to purchase our models tell us directly to the staff, we will immediately help you determine whether the right to use, thank you for supporting us.

Recommended reason

Currently, many people not only like wading in mountain climbing, in order to allow more people to share their joy at play, shoot video player or camera phone has become a way of their essential, therefore, camera or camera phone It appears protective sleeve will be welcomed many photographers and travel enthusiasts.
Phone lifejacket, if not accidentally fell into the water can float on water. The new material and special manufacturing process, are immune to salt damage, it can be used in seawater. This product is a UV-resistant, plastic, rubber part for Free to harden, crack.

product advantages

1For swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities After rigorous testing, the maximum depth is 20 meters, but when used, for more security, it is recommended in 10Meter Within Depth You can dive to answer phone or camera ,And can drift water can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and rafting enthusiasts!

2Screen and camera bags, shooting basically no difference, 100%Completely sealed. Because fully enclosed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, they can not harm the camera in a protective case can be directly operated. This product can eliminate the digital camera at the beach and the sea water play, into sand problem .So you want to shoot, play.

3, Waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, the pvc Cold material production, regardless of the south, north, desert, mountains and streams, swimming beach, can provide reliable protection for your digital camera, so that the digital camera from wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, heat water hazard steam, perspiration, etc., then you do not have to worry about throwing mad Songkran, Hainan rainstorm, Lushan's misty, rainy Qingdao, Shanghai wet, drifting waves, beach Spa pool of people frolicking, desert wonders dust filled the environment and tourism and so on good projects donkey may harm the phone.

4, Go to the sauna, rafting, swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about the camera /Phone around to worry. Do not worry the phone will be rain water and troubled Put your camera /Phone attached to the inside of the bag, just as you are surrounded by a protection the same God, the cynical, never because the camera /Phone was flooded and distressed, I feel wasted. All troubles are gone.

Buyer must read

1. Our products are all taken in kind, due to ambient light or display reasons, may be a slight deviation, please prevail in kind.
2. If you have any questions before buying, please consult me, so as to avoid dissent after purchase, I will patiently answer your questions in case I do not, please leave a message; direct shot, then please also communicate with the seller to confirm .
Please refer carefully before purchase 3. Products and products, and inform your camera brand and model, or you can specify photographed Remarks, freight prices can refer below shipping Product template, inconvenience please you understanding .
4. If you did not receive the baby, or receive the baby have quality problems, or if you are not satisfied with the place for baby, please do not immediately give in the assessment and negative feedback, because the assessment and Poor in fact can not solve your questions, please contact me immediately! Buyers make every praise, I cherish, I'll put yourself in your best interest to give you a satisfactory solution, please trust me. If not for my reasons evaluation cause disputes, in order to store precious reputation way I can use to resolve the complaint.
6. The provinces can also send the logistics, but also faster, 3 to 5 days, freight is relatively affordable. (Recommendation bulk purchase customers)

7. You can also send surface mail is shipped through the post office. Usually 7-15 days to destination, from your neighborhood post office will notify you to pick up (not recommended, two words (too slow) and sometimes they might also 30-to-day,
8. Guangzhou latent tyrants Sporting Goods (small sources)! I wish you a happy shopping!

payment method

Shopkeeper highly recommended Taobao Alipay account name, there is no can click on cash on delivery, cash on delivery, Guangdong province without transaction costs, fees provinces each received $ 6, you can also bank transfer, remittances account? Please consult before purchase contact we! choose your route according to your nearest and most convenient bank

Because this particular product, for safety reasons, before use After loading other items like paper towels down to the appropriate depth `appropriate time to test the water no problem and then put your electronic product into use, or consequences resulting from the loss of the water, do not use the time more than five hours, marked a depth of about testing because of different weather, different temperatures, different buoyancy of seawater and freshwater depth data occurs uncertain factors indicated, problems occur only provide return service quality, buy the product is deemed to have reviewed and accepted all the contents of the company, including this warning!