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Sea prepare think MHL to HDMI cable HD cable TV connection Andrews phone adapter adapter car navigation

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hagibis / Sea prepare think
  • Process: Gold
  • Color Classification: [strengthening alloy paragraph] silver upgrade chip (Normal) [strengthening alloy paragraph] Golden upgrade chip (Universal) [strengthening alloy paragraph] Golden upgrade chip (Normal) [strengthening alloy paragraph] silver upgrade chip (Universal ) [paragraph] strengthened alloy golden upgrades chip (Samsung special type) [paragraph] of ordinary black and red PVC upgrade chip (universal) [paragraph] of ordinary PVC green upgrade chip (Samsung special type) [paragraph] of ordinary black and red PVC upgrade chip ( Normal) [paragraph] black PVC ordinary upgrade chip (Samsung special type)
  • Suitable for: TV
  • Interface Type: HDMI A Type
  • Material: OFC
  • Length: 1 m 2 m 4 m
  • Service: Genius

Select Sea prepare think MHL line reason:

Highlights [1]Praise over 10,000, quality assurance, hard service every customer

Highlights [2]United States imported chips, while our factory to millet, the original Samsung MHL cable foundry

[3] HighlightsUSB charging cable lengthened to 2 meters, it is the licensing charging cable length of 0.75 m

Highlights [4]Fully compatible, regardless Car / Home Edition all common

Highlights [5]Worry-free shopping guarantee, buy the wrong opened, as long as no one is damaged, we can give back

Feedback question can not be used:

① some operators custom models In order to save the cost of the MHL function castrated, specific models can query on Baidu

② unofficial Brush There may also affect the use of MHL function to be restored to the official version later to work properly.

③ onboard HDMI, Support Baojun 730 / Ling faction / Jed / New Regency and Nissan / Honda / Ford DA host of cars, the overwhelming majority of other models can also be used. (Recommended: Gold Edition 1 meter common type and Universal optional)

Version distinction:

MHL Normal:Samsung's new device supports all models except outside with MHL function (ie micro USB 5pin Interface) Tip: millet 2A / 3/4, Red Rice did MHL function, not MHL Meizu MX4 and new features.

MHL special type:Samsung Support (S2 need to use common type) S3, S4, S5, NOTE2 / 3/4 series and other new models (That micro USB 11pin Interface ) Tip:. 7102/7108/9502/959/5110 / N9008V / N9008Z / N9008S for custom emasculated version No MHL function , S6 full range of no MHL function.

MHL Universal:Support for all devices with MHL function

Normal turn Universal MHL adapter: (MHL can support all models)
Depending on your phone does not support music (TYPE-C interface) MHL function requires specialized TYPE-C interface MHL cable can be used.

When using MHL, please full of mobile phones, such as the phone's battery is below 40%, the display will appear splash screen, black screen phenomenon, then please phone full before using MHL.

Product Usage:

MHL for mobile phones connect to a TV to complete the transfer media content directly to the TV without damaging effect of high-resolution video.

Using help:
1) .MHL must be an external power supply (5V 1A), or can not be output to HDMI.
2). Connect MHL line later, you must restart the phone. Remember, when you use must take the above MHL line inserted in the phone restart the phone, otherwise no HDMI output.
3) .MHL output does not need any settings, restart the phone automatically output later.
4) .MHL after cable connected, the phone will be displayed above the HDMI logo (part of the phone will not be displayed). Will appear on your phone is charging.
5) Support 1080P output.
6) .MHL are universal! (As long as your phone supports MHL protocol can be).
7). As the phone may not support MHL output brush ROM after.

Product Features:
1, compact adapter to your phone's video, picture output to an HDTV, monitor, projector playback.
2, Resolution: 1920x1080 / 60Hz full format Full HD
3, suitable for Andrews (Android) platform built MHL transmitter chip products. With the development of smart phones and tablet PCs will be more and more products are compatible.
4, easy to operate, put your phone through the adapter, HDMI (1.3 version) HD signal transmission line and connected display devices, using the phone's data cable to the system power before normal use.

Tips: MICRO USB Interface HDMI interface to a length of about 2m / 4m, HDMI interface to USB interface to a length of about 2m (charging cable length unchanged)

The use of MHL adapter cable to connect the TV, power consumption, although this section has a USB charging function, but the input power can only extend mobile phone playback time, and can not be completely filled to the mobile phone, and the majority of mobile phones due to different currents, will not be displayed is charging, this is the problem does not affect the normal use of the phone. Please note pro.