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Lei Sheng T-320 Photo Plastic Sealing Machine | A3 / a4 A Molding Machine | A plastic machine home office photo film machine

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Product parameters:

  • Sealing machine Brand: Rayson / Lei Sheng
  • Model: T-320

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product description:
Name: Plastic film for use above the molding machine


1, sealed plastic machine should be placed in a dry, clean place, away from flammable and explosive materials.
2, a plastic, please first plastic over a white paper, plastic will be better;
3, the work of the press, do not touch the heat out of the window cooling holes, so as not to burn the hand, while not covering any object in the above;
4, prohibit the splashing of water on the machine, the machine work to prohibit the items on its shell.
5, for your safety, please ground the machine.
6, shut down, turn off the heating switch, to be cooled (the temperature is lower than 80 degrees) and then turn off the power switch.
7, is strictly charged maintenance.
8, Cots cleaning, the use of soft cloth Jiaolu alcohol wipe.Not allowed to use gasoline, thinner cleaning, but not allowed to use metal brushes and tools, brush, shovel beat rubber roller.