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52025 men's home trousers | cotton moddale | summer cool and comfortable large size home service long pajamas

52025 men's home trousers | cotton moddale | summer cool and comfortable large size home service long pajamas
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2013
  • Brand:
  • Fabric material composition: modal fiber (modal) 47.5% cotton 47.5% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
  • Style No .: 5s101h
  • Color Classification: gray gray silver gray clouds of titanium dioxide
  • Size: M XL XL XXL
  • Fabric commonly known as: modal
  • Ingredient Content: 41% (including) -60% (inclusive)
  • The main fabric weight: 200g and below
  • Thickness: Thin section
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: one-piece
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Applicable Gender: Male

Warm reminder: this paragraph shorts fabric soft and comfortable, white will be slightly light penetration, such as the more sensitive pro who can choose silver gray!

Baby demands:

With Modal cotton soft and comfortable fabric, wearing a drape full, combined with the male body curve of hardness and softness. Can be used as home rest or sports wear home pants, just close the cut, not loose nor tight To get rid of the past, pajamas pants lack of quality, emphasizing the comfort of wearing completely relax and enjoy the quality of life.

Baby Ingredients:

Adhere to the use of the original Austrian modal raw materials. 47.5% Modal fiber + 47.5% high-quality fine cotton + 5% spandex (Lycra elastic fabric), stroking the body without tension. Modal fabric soft silk smooth, cottony Natural affinity of the two major advantages of the skin, but not easy to play ball, washable performance greatly improved.Model wants to have the touch, but also want to avoid the ball, not wear and other issues of choice.

Tailoring and self-cultivation effect:

Soft and comfortable cotton fabric, soft touch and high-quality drape, with the male body curve of the combination of hardness and softness. Waist use of cotton to mention the word belt, elastic not tightly Le, pants leg side seamless three-dimensional The trim and front pocket detail design is more practical and human.

Size selection reference

(Refer to the table below how to choose the size, if not determine the appropriate size, please contact the online customer service consulting professional size reference opinion)

M: for height 165-175cm Waist: 75-85cm
L: for height 170-180cm Waist: 80-90cm
XL: for height 175-185cm or more Waist: 85-95cm