Sun hat children summer Korean version of the tide Ms. sun hat large UV along the folding sun hat outdoor sun hat

Sun hat children summer Korean version of the tide Ms. sun hat large UV along the folding sun hat outdoor sun hat

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Applicable scene: Travel
  • Suitable for: middle-aged youth
  • Style: sun hat
  • Size: adult code, can be any folding, with windbreak
  • Cap Style: Dome
  • Hat style: big eaves
  • Eaves shape: curling
  • Main material: other
  • The crowd: female
  • Brand: Ignatius
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Style details: flowers
  • Color classification: 604 gray beige - new five-layer skirt skin purple - new five-layer skirt pink purple -619 two flower models beige -619 two flower models bare powder - a new five-layer skirt beige - a new five-story Skirt purple -305 totem flower skirt 306 light pink light gray - double skirt beige -604 pink -604 paragraph 375 - gray beige - retro texture light coffee -305 totem flower skirt 375 models - purple 306 purple purple section of the purple section of the mauve 604 models taobao agent China Wholesale product_name go cart :: Diaper washing / nursing / beauty / care /
  • Item: YCM-014
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Applicable age: 20-24 years of age 25-29 years of age 30-34 years of age 35-39 years of age 40-59 years of age

Hat fabrics are made of imported yarn Korea yo, skirt using two different layers of snow production, more elegant dynamic, And the hat and the hat is a professional anti-UV composite process, So that the sun shade sunscreen at the same time, more type of more wide-yo, So feel feels tough feeling, but does not affect the pro-use it ~ ~ or is the soft tower of it, a little beauty are not.

General class hat is not carried out so that it is also the baby's special yo

Manager warm Tips:

1. About flowers: If the flowers and the skirt is pressed, the flat tread, no picture so three-dimensional, pro who sprayed with hot steam under the very elegant, or hot hair can also be.

2. On the color: Because the material has a sense of pearls, hats in the sun wearing a shiny light sense yo, Over the United States Ha. Cloudy, slightly darker interior color.

3. About the windbreak belt : Windbreak is used to wind, and only when the wind is used, the normal shade is not recommended, the effect of wearing beautiful. Windproof fixed position with a fixed factory uniform, wear a hat with a hat after the flower position is Is behind the individual customers like to wear sunshades also have to wear windbreaker, then you can adjust the position according to their own can, the factory batch are produced by yo, mind the pro-Shen shot yo

New to the peach heart pattern four skirts section

(Hat on the three-tier skirt yarn design, the first layer of full-pearl decoration,

Large brim decorative flowers, fashion beautiful)