Diamond Moon and Moon Bodhi Accessories Set Tibetan crystal turquoise barrel beads 108 Buddha beads play bracelet men and women

Diamond Moon and Moon Bodhi Accessories Set Tibetan crystal turquoise barrel beads 108 Buddha beads play bracelet men and women

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: 1000 Connaught
  • Accessories Type: loose beads
  • Color Category: 'bright' style a 'bright' style two 'bright' style three 'bright' style four 'bright' style five 'bright' style six 'light' style seven 'light' style eight '8 natural accessories 1 'Bright' style 'nine' bright 'style' ten 'light' style eleven 'bright' style 'twelve' thousand Snow Snow ice models' bright 'style 13' bright 'style 14' bright 'style 15' '' Resin pattern with high models' 'honey red paragraph' 'white blue models'' Blue barrel section '
  • Material: Others
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • New strange: network - characteristics
  • Item No .: TXLZ88882A

At least 18 yuan 包邮 Activity Date: 2016-10-01 17:56:332017-10-01 00:00:00
Order full 18yuan, 包邮 (Global Mail),
Order full 50yuan, Less 2yuan,
Order full 100yuan, Less 4yuan,
Order full 200yuan, Less 8yuan,
Order full 300yuan, Less 12yuan,
'At least 18 yuan 包邮' 'full 50 yuan by 2 yuan' 'at least 100 yuan by 4 yuan' 'over 200 by 8 yuan' 'full 300 yuan by 12 yuan'

Stone said:

After reading my description you need to come up with the kind of pathetic girl to go to bed.

National 包邮 which 'Connaught' natural accessories on the 8th paragraph, to see the name also know that natural accessories! Like natural accessories can be considered this section!

All models of the national 包邮, to send 1 meter Multicolored lines and 1 Three links crochet!

Shop from you photographed to you to receive, from beginning to end to me a person, so we try to save shopping time!

Please try to buy as much as possible, sometimes you consult I do not necessarily have time to reply, because I am busy with the dog-like In packaged delivery!

I put all the problems under the aggregate:

Said first welfare:

I will send you about 1 meter multicolored line (no stretch) and a three-way crochet, the price can also be regarded as welfare!

I bought several sets of points to send me points or lines .......:

Horse riding next door, I want you to send something else put me in the side, long time before I reply or even do not reply. Deliberately, right? Yes! I deliberately! Then I'll give you a point or negative comments, go to your mother! You refuse to this side of the garbage, I do not receive this garbage you people! Things also fuck you must send you? Bad assessment threatening people, you are simply looking for curse!

Say material:

This material is artificial resin (the buyer used to call it plastic), but the real name is indeed artificial resin!

This section is suitable for beads:

Xingyue and Bodhi root


Which '10 * 8''11 * 9''12 * 10 'most suitable, sort of a small.

King Buddha Bodhi child: '8mm' '9mm' '10mm' '11mm' '12mm' '13mm'

Which '10mm''11mm''12mm' most suitable, sort of a small.

Other material beads: Suitable for 8 to 13mm of beads (that is, 8 to 13 can be used)

This design is in accordance with the 10 * 8 (10mm) beads to design, but compatible with other specifications you see, super Out of this 13mm you do not buy, buy also does not take!

In addition to this accessories package how much this bead? Sinking beads how much? I am sorry not to measure!

There are benefits: Horse riding next door, a bargain took me to dry in the side, a long time before I reply or even do not reply. Intentional? Yes! I was intentional!

Quality Zeyang: Although the artificial resin, and certainly there will be some small blemishes and bias holes, can accept the natural shot! You can take is to shoot, and that time also get the unpleasant, you have a negative feedback, you say I figure Han? So you do not To buy, but you have to say I'll buy, you bite me! That conclusion is to insist that others call you: you are simply a sucker!

Shashi time delivery?

Although I am busy with the dog like, but I try to day hair, the day did not track the record will be issued the next day! If you Anxious, do not buy!

What courier?

During the event made express mail, if you can not accept the speed of the postal courier, do not place orders!

Address forgot to change?

Oh NO! Activity issued by the postal courier, once issued can not be modified, no one can do this! This loss is only your own commitment! If you say because of this: What attitude you! I back! You can bite me ah! Can you explain that you are a sucker, why not check their own good before the address? Leave the wrong address you use your toes to think about is the buyer at their own expense! Still here Jijiwaiwai!

I do not want to buy, show shipping, but has not been recorded, I want to return!

You are from Mars? More than 2,000 packages a day, the afternoon is a unified truck pulled away, and then sorting scan start! Display shipping instructions your goods have been packaged to complete has been taken away by the express you have to say I am Back, you can bite me ah! That no other conclusion is purely a sucker! But also Mars to sucker! Taobao shopping, this basic common sense do not know, what to buy?

I shot the wrong, show shipping, not Lanhuai pieces, I want a refund, give me a refund! Otherwise, how do I how!

You shoot wrong? Speak also so hard gas! Your mother know? Shoot wrong and I have a good talk, Zhicuojiugai or good boy, do not his mother that the seller is not a person, your mother's own know that they are wrong, His mother is also wrong so ask others, you are not eating the wrong medicine!

Days of arrival?

'Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui' 2 days or so, all other provinces and cities 3-5 days or so, do not rule out the individual express will be some slow! Do not buy!

I received will not wear?

Do not wear do not buy do not buy, do not buy a Jijiwaiwai, do not wear that you do not understand accessories.If you buy also received Jiji Wawa wow I want to return your postage, you die to you This is purely sucker buyers!

Praise not return is not?

You do not return to me, then you do not return now, I will comment on you, other people are back to the present, you do not return I give you negative feedback, I am your uncle! If you can in front of me to kill you a dog day I do not give back to the assessment is bad, you threaten the wrong person! !

Overall rating: I do activities in order to earn praise, or that sentence, although the price, but I still put flaws down To the lowest to delivery, my colleagues hope to do mutual understanding and respect!

I hate the kind of Diao do not pull a few people, you lose money to do activities, a part of a little problem, he gave a negative feedback, this Cock people roll to me, the distance is to understand each other to go More recently, such people I disdain and you have the intersection!

Above the artificial resin Itself will be due to material art, so the shape is more casual heart with the material, drilling is also true, so there are biased hole (crooked hole) is very normal, understand the goods into, do not understand you Do not buy it!