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Put smart watch phone bluetooth camera card Call | Android Universal Children's watch men and women students

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: LUPHIE
  • Model: GT08 smart watches
  • Package types: the official standard
  • Color: Silver + Gold + red strap black strap black + gold + black strap black strap
  • Memory (ROM): 128MB
  • Storage capacity (RAM): 32GB
  • Screen size: 1.54 inch
  • Screen resolution: 240x240 pixels
  • Camera pixel: 2 million pixels
  • Connection: Bluetooth connection
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • Case material: aluminum alloy
  • Strap material: rubber
  • Dial shape: round
  • Compatible platform: ANDROID OS Alibaba Baidu cloud cloud OS
  • Features: heart rate monitor social entertainment photo smart alerts polysomnography Bluetooth call step counter remote-controlled camera waterproof
  • Wireless range: 10m and above

1. independent HD capacitive touch screen watch mobile phone can be independent card when the phone is used to support mobile and China Unicom, direct control over card can call, send message, WAP Internet access company, mobile QQ and so on.

2. Bluetooth syncing just one phone, there is a Bluetooth Watch, when on the Bluetooth connection, you can synchronize the phone book of the mobile phone, you can watch anytime, anywhere control smart phone dialing, answering, and can synchronize the mobile phone text message, QQ, micro-messaging, you can also remote control camera phone, synchronized mobile music, super set of functions in one!

3. synchronous call bell when the phone call came, watches or vibrations of the Bell to remind and display incoming call number, without smart phones, you can watch for the call, so as not to miss a call.

4. text message synchronization if you install APk Android Smartphone software, when text messages would watch reminder and view and reply. forwarding can be.

5. Entertainment: HD real PIX, snap pictures and videos can be! Can shoot clear text on the book, so the test easy! HD video why you leave a good moment! Also with recording function.

6.MP3/4: support MP3 music playback, video play in 3GP/MPEG4. (No need to carry a cell phone or listening to music is your partner in the campaign)

7. built-in Web browser, can be a key to Baidu search and enjoy Internet access.

8. supports the call hands-free mode, wireless headsets (Bluetooth headset)

9. with a pedometer sleep monitor

Tips: Card Watch mobile phone touch screen (or Bluetooth Connect mobile phone), China Unicom mobile (Telecom cards not supported)