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Oujie Li | one open single-control switch, home 86-type concealed wall switch with socket panel concealed

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Europe Jie Li
  • Model: Y86K2ZS
  • Electrical and electronic product type: 86 type
  • Color Category: multi-functional five-hole plug five-hole socket 16A high-power outlet a single control switch seven-hole socket with a dual-control 16A high-power outlet with a multi-functional three-hole two computer socket two phone jack a computer Socket one open double control switch two open single control switch two open double control switch three open single control switch three open double control switch four open single control switch four open double control switch television telephone socket multi-purpose three hole sound light control delay induction Switch dimmer switch speed switch 16A three-phase four-wire socket a telephone socket
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door