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Small Harlan children toilet toilet female baby toilet toilet baby drawer-type urinals boys children potty

Small Harlan children toilet toilet female baby toilet toilet baby drawer-type urinals boys children potty
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Little Harlan xz6701 xz6701
  • Brand: Little Harlan
  • Model: xz6701
  • Item: xz6701
  • Applicable age: 2 years old 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old 6 years old
  • Color classification: duckling yellow + wheel + cotton pad (send brush) duckling green + wheel + cotton pad (send brush) cow blue + white + wheel + cotton pad (send brush) cow powder + green + Send the brush) Cow green + orange + wheel + cotton pad (send brush)

high recommended Yo car ride , With wheels , Carnival price 49 yuan , Buy and send Toilet brush + Cotton pad , Limited to 1000!
Recommended reason ① safety does not roll, variable toy yo car.
Recommended reason Cartoon shape, to attract the attention of the baby, cultivate the baby's self-care ability.
Recommended reason ③ PP material, high temperature stereotypes: the outer matte process, environmental non-toxic.
Brand Little haaron Name Little Harun Baby Toilet
Product number XZ6701 New Weight Dairy cow models: 1.2kg
Load bearing 50 kg or more Suitable age Dairy Cattle: 0-6 years old
Material Environmental protection PP material Will slot Dairy Cattle: Drawer Separated


clean: Using artificial design, can guarantee that the baby will not urine out, men and women are applicable to the baby Oh
Safety: Increase contact with the ground, greatly increase the effect of non-slip, so that Mommy more at ease.
Convenient: Humanized hollow design, in line with Mummy hand manual design, easy to mention more stable.
Convenience: The use of removable design, easy to clean, easy to install.
Multicolor: Using multi-color stitching design, more attractive to the baby's eyes, to develop the baby's ability to stand alone.

Friendly reminder: Please use the toilet in the custody of the parents, because the cow toilet wheel is 360 °, so stop the state, the wheels may not be in front of the force to push forward there will be resistance, need to push, and so on for some distance, The wheels are in the right direction.