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Pouch 5985 Te Shu one - made pouch fistula stool bag leisure

Pouch 5985 Te Shu one - made pouch fistula stool bag leisure
Product code: 36442300030
Unit price 4$
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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Hungary
  • Medical equipment Product Name: made pocket
  • Brand: KLM
  • Model: 5985
  • Value-added services: None
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / DEN 4706-2011
  • Registration No .: State Food and Drug Administration (in) word 2011 No. 1664067
  • Production enterprises: Leisure Music (China) Limited
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Make pocket type: one type
  • Color classification: Lok Fu 5985'1 'shot 10 pieces made a pocket to buy a whole box shot 30 happy Paul 5985 transparent made pocket '10' + to send a chassis reinforcement stickers happy music 5985 transparent made pocket '30 ' + Send 5 chassis reinforcement stickers Kang Lok 5985 transparent made pocket '30 '+ send upgrade version 15541 made mouth pocket 1 recreational security 5985 transparent made pocket' 5 '+12010 viscose dispelling sprays' 1 bottle' 5985 transparent made pocket '1' +15541 upgrade version made pouch '2' 'province 10 yuan' Lok Fu 5985 made pocket '1' + Bailang leak cream F05008'60g 'Lok Fu 5985 transparent made pocket '10 One '+ stoma skin care powder 1907'1 bottle' Lok Fu 5985 transparent made pocket '10 '+62041 skin protective film' 10 tablets'

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