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Piano Square Spring paragraph casual pants stretch Slim cotton candy color code pencil pants trousers pants base color pants

Piano Square Spring paragraph casual pants stretch Slim cotton candy color code pencil pants trousers pants base color pants
Product code: 36431100030
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Product parameters:

  • Material Composition: Cotton 98.9% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 1.1%
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Item: FQFA81
  • Pants type: pencil pants
  • Pants waist high: high waist
  • Color classification: grass green single pants A89 red single pants A83 plum single pants A84 orange single pants A99 light gray single pants A82 black plus velvet A87B jujube plus velvet A97B dark gray plus velvet A88B A88 dark gray single pants green plus velvet A98B A96B Velvet red dates pants A97 A98 dark green pants A96 sapphire pants A86 coffee pants luster yellow pants A81 black single pants A87
  • Brand: Fokinofe / Vatican Square
  • Size: 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38 40
  • Thickness: conventional
  • Year Season: Spring of 2017

Ingredients: cotton 98.9%, spandex 1.1%

Texture: denim cotton, fabric medium thickness, pants elastic, elastic about 3-4cm;

Color: red, dark green, pink, dark gray, orange, black, grass green, big red, rose red, coffee color, sapphire blue, bright yellow, light gray

Size to buy: tile measurement size, unit CM cm, no stretch, do not consider the elastic range of data, drop range 1-3CM

First, the best cleaning time for jeans is 6-12 months
Second, the first clean Do not dry or machine wash
Third, the jeans before washing must do some color processing
Fourth, washing and maintenance of jeans

1, if it is bought back for the first time into the water, it needs to pour some white vinegar in the water, while the pants turned over soaked about half an hour, used to lock the color because the dark pants will have a little fade, and white vinegar You can make that kind of blue as much as possible to maintain the original luster.

2, the jeans turned into the water hand wash, to avoid unnecessary cleaning fade;

3, please do not use hot water to soak pants, it will have a large degree of shrinkage, the water temperature should be kept about 30 ℃.

4, with a mild detergent, do not use bleach or any addition of bleach or fluorescent agent products;

5, if the jeans are not oil or other dirty circumstances, as much as possible to reduce the amount of detergent, or even water can be washed;

6, dry jeans, must be flat from the waist to hang (fixed with a clamp flat, do not tighten) turn over to dry, dry in dry and ventilated place, to avoid sun exposure, easily lead to severe oxidation fade or harden.