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Creative love alarm clock students cute little alarm clock | study bedroom clock clock

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Product parameters:

  • Packing volume: 0.01
  • Gross weight: 0.2
  • Item No .: 01-210
  • Watch brand: Le love workshop
  • Shell material: plastic
  • Display: dial pointer instructions
  • Power type: battery
  • Color classification: large fruit green cello black large white large large red large blue large yellow 947 red bicycle 947 white bicycle 947 blue bicycle 947 black bicycle 947 pink bicycle 947 green bicycle large pink 966 apple green 966 apple red 966 apple blue 966 apple white 966 apple black 946 watch green 946 watch red 946 watch blue 946 watch black 946 watch white 946 watch pink

Large candy alarm clock (Please note that size, do not take other home trumpet to us than Oh!

product description:

Suitable for a variety of home-style small alarm clock, every morning to help you get rid of your sleepy Oh! Colorful colors, giving him a sweet candy-like warm feeling! Non-toxic environmentally friendly ABS material, you can rest assured to use! Simple and generous square rounded design, matte texture of the shell, looks generous fashion. Built-in quartz sweep seconds movement, take the needle a slight sound.Mute design makes every night to sleep peacefully.Stereoscopic clock figures, large and clear and beautiful. The crisp ringtone starts your day!

Product parameters:

Product Name: candy color home alarm clock

Product Size: 10.5CM x 12CM x 4CM

Product Weight: 164 grams

Material: ABS + quartz movement

Product packaging: Kraft paper box

Product color: multi-color optional


This alarm clock, when the needle will be a slight noise, the need to use 5 carbon batteries, alkaline batteries are not recommended, so as not to affect the movement of life.