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In leopard electric car wind is warm to increase thickening electric car knee winter motorcycle battery car windshield

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Product parameters:

  • function: to keep warm
  • Brand: the leopard
  • Style: Siamese Style
  • Applicable to: male and female general
  • Fabric: PVC waterproof cloth
  • Color classification: Siamese plus velvet (green apple) Siamese double-sided (red apple) Siamese plus velvet (blue) point plus cashmere (red ladybug) Siamese plus velvet (purple apple) (Blue Cattle) One-piece double-sided (pink card cat) Siamese double-sided (possession of blue dot) Siamese plus cashmere (possession of blue cat) Siamese plus cashmere (black cat) (Black apple) plus velvet body double-sided (large color point) Siamese plus cashmere (black KT) Siamese fluorescent strip (big color point) plus velvet body double-sided (large color point) (Green apple) 2 Siamese plus cashmere (pink cat) Siamese fluorescent strip (C letter) double-sided conjoined hip section (purple apple) plus velvet piece of hip (blue scoop) Insects) conjoined hip section (rose red dot)