Huawei wireless router wifi home through the wall Wang phone line ADSL broadband cat one machine IPTV HG532e

Huawei wireless router wifi home through the wall Wang phone line ADSL broadband cat one machine IPTV HG532e

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Huawei / Huawei HG532e
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Model: HG532e
  • Color Category: White
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speed: 108Mbps or more
  • Cable transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 300Mbps
  • Network standards: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11a 802.11n
  • Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G
  • Applicable objects: network security router multi-service router carrier-class high-end router broadband router mini-wireless router home
  • USB interface quantity: Not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: Not supported
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • WDS support: Not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: support
  • Whether removable: not removable
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Packing size: 145 * W 110 * H 31mm high
  • Gross weight: 1kg

Tips :This product is Cat + Wireless Router one machine ,still is Network cable households

One machine so that if the home is through a telephone line ADSL or cable home Internet customers , Buy this baby is to earn Oh!

Huawei HG532e Frequently Asked Questions

1, HG532e which way to take up? What are the specific application scenarios?
A: The HG532e belongs to the uplink terminal of the DSL interface. It acts as an RJ11 interface and supports the ADSL / ADSL2 + protocol. It is an integrated terminal that integrates the MODEM and the broadband router. The HG532e can directly connect to the home network For example, you can not use this device for ADSL, such as telecom / China Unicom's ADSL broadband, or for the coaxial cable, optical fiber or Ethernet cable, and the HG532e does not support the uplink of the Ethernet interface.
2, HG532e how to restore factory settings?
A: Login to the web page: In the IE address enter the management IP: (default), user name / password: admin / admin (default), in the maintenance -> device interface, click the 'restore factory settings' button; If the gateway is powered on normally, press and hold the reset key for at least 6 seconds.
3, HG532e what is the downlink network port specifications?
A: support 10 / 100M rate of adaptation; support IEEE 802.3U standard.
4, HG532e can be used with the set-top box?
A: You can use the network port with the IP set-top box to use, does not support the behavior of coaxial cable interface set-top box.
5, HG532e Web maintenance page address and account / password is?
A: Web maintenance page:; account / password: admin / admin (lowercase).
6, HG532e support WIFI function? The maximum rate of up to how much?
A: Supports 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (2.4GHz) protocol, the maximum connection speed of 300Mbps.
7, HG532e WIFI function of the maximum transmit power how much?
A: HG532e products fully comply with relevant laws and regulations, the maximum transmit power of 20dBm.
8, HG532e whether to support the Tablet PC and mobile Internet?
A: support. Tablet PC and mobile phone HG532e through the WIFI function online.
9, HG532e whether the external antenna? Can replace the antenna? Antenna gain is how much?
A: HG532e no external antenna, the antenna can not be removed, can not be replaced, each antenna 3dBi.
10, HG532e whether to support WDS wireless bridge function?
A: No, HG532e as AP wireless router, has been able to meet the needs of wireless Internet users home users.
11, HG532e whether to support wireless MAC filtering? Support WPS function?
A: The HG532e supports wireless MAC filtering and allows or disables the MAC address of the SSID through 'White List' and 'Black List'. The HG532e supports the WPS function.
12, HG532e up to support the number of terminals simultaneously access WIFI?
A: Theoretically supports 32, but according to the wireless environment by the degree of interference, the actual number of access and theoretical value of the difference.
13, HG532e whether to support WIFI encryption?
A: HG532e support WIFI encryption, encryption types are OPEN, WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK.
14, HG532e support routing functions to achieve automatic dial-up Internet access?
A: HG532e supports routing function, built-in PPPoE dial-up function can be automatically dial-up.
15, HG532e network port connected to the computer and WIFI access between computers can communicate?
A: Yes, wired or wireless access to the computer belong to the same LAN, can be interoperable.
16. Does the HG532e support flow control? What are the other QoS features?
A: Supports bandwidth limitation based on the IP address of the LAN-side device, the MAC address of the device on the LAN side, and the physical port. It provides the bandwidth control policy of selecting the priority mode or the proportional mode.
17, HG532e support IP address and client MAC address binding?
A: No, the HG532e can not implement a fixed MAC address to obtain a fixed IP address.
18, HG532e support UPnP function?
A: The HG532e supports the UPnP function.
19. What functions does the HG532e provide for network security?
A: The Web Configuration interface is password protected.
Support for firewall functions
Supports MAC address filtering and IP address filtering
Support for access control lists (ACLs)
Supports PAP (RFC 1334) and CHAP (RFC 1994)
Support DOS attack protection, prevent LAND and SYN FLOODING attacks

20, Web maintenance page can be set to English?
A: No, domestic sales are in Chinese.
21. Does HG532e support peanut shell DDNS?
A: Do not support peanut shell DDNS.
22, HG532e support MAC address cloning?
A: MAC address cloning is not supported.
23, HG532e support VPN-Server function?
A: The VPN-Server function is not supported.
24, HG532e support the ISP to break the connection limit?
A: No, if the broadband service ISP connection limit, usually by the upper network device control, the terminal can not be cracked.