Autumn and winter socks in tube socks female socks Korea Sen Department retro socks piles of socks Japanese long-barreled female boots socks

Autumn and winter socks in tube socks female socks Korea Sen Department retro socks piles of socks Japanese long-barreled female boots socks

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: spring 2015
  • Brand: Bluegrass collection
  • Style number: LQDD038
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: cotton 74.8% regenerated cellulose fiber polyester 9.2% polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 1.1%
  • Color category: black green yellow orange color: dark coffee purple variation cut dark green hollows out the grape Lady hollow ash hollow olive mustard yellow
  • Size: average size
  • Tube: the tube
  • Thickness: General
  • Crotch styles: normal crotch
  • Fabric material: cotton
  • Pattern: other
  • Garment details: pile of sock
  • Sock features use: humidity-absorbing perspiration
  • Style: sweet
  • Applying gender: female
  • For seasons: autumn

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Because no explosion in piles of socks sold, Taobao recently appeared a variety of our similar!

Price than the expensive, but differ greatly in length a lot!

Heap up, contrast is not very obvious, please note that stretched the length of the contrast!!

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Piles of socks, also known as bubble socks, wear and the stockings,

Watong first opened her ankle, then part of the foot to put on,

Blank on the knees, and then Middle convenient finishing neatly

Neat. ... Convenient, you

Is required and conditionally available for different

Bluegrass sets, and you go on. ...

Retro colors, Japanese

Matching canvas shoes, booties, Martin boots, it is good to popcorn

Fresh fan fan fan fan fashion, students of literature and art in Europe and America from the norm

As you walk ~

Pictures are shot by the owner himself

Note: wool socks cannot be particularly delicate, a little head is normal behavior,

Do not pull on head structure damage socks!

Simply cut or head back into socks, does not affect the normal use of Oh ~ ~

In addition, the sock is not a solid color, there are other colors mixed in advance please know!

The chromatic aberration to be unacceptable not to make, take you to product details have been accepted ~

Large cotton socks because of elastic, easy deformation and other reasons, the usual two volumes together,

Or hook hook inside and outside the force, is likely to cause two different length or width,

This is normal and is not a quality problem, if it is absolutely different in length, as long as the hand stretched out,

Can basically be the same length, it does not affect the normal use and appearance.

Socks look pursuit 100% perfect, see clearly again under a single, above in the following means have been recognized!