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Star with the paragraph retro British black dome big side cap fashion wide brim hat cashmere jazz hat it big brim hat

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • For the scene: shopping
  • Suitable for: young couple youth
  • Style: hat
  • Size: M (56-58cm)
  • Hat style: bell-shaped
  • Hat style: wide eaves
  • Eaves shape: flat eaves
  • Main material: wool blended
  • Population: General
  • Brand: QAEP
  • Style: Street
  • Style details: light body
  • Color Classification: sharp knight cap knight cap blue sharp knight hat red cap knight cap gray gray beggar gray beggar cap camel beggar cap deep gray gray beggar cap light gray beggar hat red big black Wenwen black hat beggar hat Bearded Bean Bowl Beige Man Beige Beige Hat Beige Black Bean Cap
  • Item: beggar hat
  • Applicable season: summer autumn winter
  • For ages: 15-19 years of age 20-24 years of age 25-29 years of age 30-34 years of age 35-39 years of age

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The hat is produced in batches, so the same hat there hat size and other nuances, twins have different places Moreover, hat,
Picky buyers Please consider carefully , After the film because of the hat hat and other differences come to find things, non-quality problems, the shop will not
Explain, please understand

OUR baby issued by the warehouse when the inspection is good, and then use a five-story special hard courier box packaging issued. But the delivery process can not avoid some
Courier frequent destruction, buyers please note that when the receipt of the goods to see the box broken flattened, please check and then sign, in case of the above situation still sign

Baby is in question OUR It will not be dealt with

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The bottom is the product physical picture100% actual photos)

Cap circumference 57cm hat 7cm hat height 9cm (manual measurement with 1 ~ 2cm error)

Beggars big eaves: Cap circumference 57cm hat 10cm hat height 9cm (manual measurement with 1 ~ 2cm error)

Beggars big eaves Big cap: cap circumference 57cm hat 7cm hat height 12cm (manual measurement with 1 ~ 2cm error)

Wenwen Di Li hot Pakistan Knight hat: cap circumference 57cm hat 4.5cm hat height 13cm (manual measurement with 1 ~ 2cm error)

Gao Wen with the basin cap: Cap circumference 57cm hat 7cm hat height 11cm (manual measurement with 1 ~ 2cm error)