Lenovo y430p y40-70 Z40 Y410 small new i2000 G480 laptop keyboard protective film

Lenovo y430p y40-70 Z40 Y410 small new i2000 G480 laptop keyboard protective film

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  • Brand: still this
  • (Buy one get one) full-color purple (buy one get one free) full-color pink (buy one get one) full-color blue (buy one get one) (Buy one get one free) full color black (buy one get one) full color black (buy one get one) full transparent special (buy one get one) semi-transparent silver (buy one get one free) (Buy one get one) semi-transparent red (buy one get one) semi-transparent pink (buy one get one free) (Buy one get one free) Semi-transparent color (buy one get one) Semi-transparent black (buy one get one) Colorful black (buy one get one) Colorful blue (buy one get one) send one)
  • Item: S-021

Buy 1 get 1 free Date of the activity: 2016-02-26 14:33 - 2017-02-25 14:33
Single order full 2 Pieces to play 5 Fold is not capped

I am a keyboard membrane, I speak for themselves

I am very small, but I am very important

When the owner of your hands on the keyboard when the dance

Have you noticed,

Your keyboard has been covered with dust,

Keyboard gap in the remaining melon seeds shell, biscuits crumbs

Your percussion has gradually stiffened

And more worthy of your attention,

Your fiber fingers every day and the bacteria in the fight yo

Master, take me away

Let me give you intimate protection

Waterproof, dustproof, antibacterial ...

I wear color clothing, the main day to bring a good mood!

Applicable Model:

IdeaPad Y480, Y485, Y470, Y471, Y400, Y400N, Y410, Y410P, Y430P

Z380, Z370, Z360, Z460, Z465, Z485, Z480, Z470, Z475, Z410, Z40-70

IdeaPad V480, V480C, V370, V470,

G490, G485, G480, G470, G475, G360, G400, G400S, G405, G405S, G410, G410ST,

Yang days B490, B480, B475, B475, B475, B470, Yang days M490, M495, B4309, S410P, B4400, B43 series,

G40, G40-70, G405S, IdeaPad Y40, Flex 14, Flex 14 AP, Flex 14 AT, flex 2, flex 2 14AP, Flex 2-14d,

Rising Sun 1000, small new SR1000, V1000, N410, B40, B40-30,

Reminder: Because many models of the keyboard is the same, these models of the keyboard membrane in the factory production is the same mold, so some function keys on the logo is not necessarily the same, the keyboard membrane to ensure that only on the keyboard keys, Key printed on the identity of the buyers look at the keyboard film kind of picture or choose transparent.

If you are Lenovo 15.6-inch, please click on the map below to enter the purchase!

On the purchase of keyboard membrane several common problems

1, the keyboard membrane is universal?
Each brand of computer will be a lot of models, although some models share, but a brand will appear under a variety of key bits.Our brand keyboard is a special, is a key with bump. So you want to buy the right keyboard membrane, you first have to figure out your computer model.
2, color keyboard film printing, printing and my computer exactly the same?
Because the factory film is a key to open the mold, the key bit the same model share a mold, but these models may be some minor differences in the character, So there may be differences in the keyboard film printing individual places.
3, choose what color keyboard membrane suitable?
If you often use the computer, and use the laptop keyboard, the proposed with bright, good for the eyes, black notebook is also recommended with bright colors, if used much, just to block the gray, choose their favorite on it.
4, the keyboard membrane can wash it, the keyboard membrane life?
Keyboard membrane is mainly composed of silica gel, can be washed, the service life of more than a year, but long-term use, bacteria accumulate more, the proposed replacement of about six months time. Recommended to prepare more than a few, in turn use.