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Wool yarn scarves yarn knitting cotton yarn

Wool yarn scarves yarn knitting cotton yarn
Product code: 35660700030
Unit price 1.59$
Sold quantity 47644
Available stock 211973

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 winter
  • Brand: Le Weaving
  • Wool Material: Other
  • Item: scarf line
  • Color classification: 005 bright powder 004 Qiuju 007 nostalgia powder 001 white 016 watermelon red 011 deep khaki 003 shrimp powder 006 pink powder 010 light khaki 009 light blue 013 chocolate 021 white 008 silk white 002 white 017 red 019 dark green 015 black 023 Dark red 014 red coffee 022 rose red other colors take a message Remarks 018 rust red 020 light gray 012 turmeric
  • Pricing unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: hand

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New scarf line this year's popular scarf line

1 regiment 4 two The new coarse cotton thread, very suitable for pro-weaving, knitting sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, baby clothes, the finished product Soft and comfortable , Natural and generous , And a variety of styles of clothes with!

The products are mainly composed of milk, cotton and flannel, which are more soft than the ordinary scarves, Environmental protection , Feel fine!

Need to remember the pro must buy enough, different batches of products may have color Oh!