Four Seasons hotel on a business trip in winter down cotton three tourism lines couple double health adult sleeping bag outdoors

Four Seasons hotel on a business trip in winter down cotton three tourism lines couple double health adult sleeping bag outdoors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Voca- Joy
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Product Number: LasayetiB02
  • Style: Envelope / rectangular
  • Comfortable temperature scale: 5 ℃ -15 ℃
  • Season: Spring
  • Limit temperature scale: -5
  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Color Classification: Single Single green 1.3kg 1.8kg 1.8kg gray blue Single Single Single green 1.8kg 2.2kg 2.2kg green gray Single Double Double 1.95kg 1.95kg green ash gray 1.95kg 1.3kg Single Double sleeping + automatic inflatable cushion large 2.5 cm (bed) Double Double sleeping 1.95kg 2.75kg Grey + 5 cm large automatic inflatable mat (bed) single single 1.3kg 2.2kg blue green blue double 2.75kg
  • Total weight: see tag
  • Price range: 201-500 yuan
  • Goods Series: Outdoor / home sleeping bag sentence
  • Applicable persons: Double sleeping bag (sleeping bag itself can accommodate 2 people)
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Filling: cotton seven holes
  • Classification of sleeping bags: Cotton sleeping bag
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 778
  • Outdoor fabric: polyester fiber fabrics muted fabrics
  • Lining Material: skin-friendly polyester fiber fabrics
  • Sleeping bag size: Standard (for 1.8 m height and below) lengthened (for 1.8-2 m height) Specialty type (for more than 2 meters tall)

Single version is also fully available to sleep a family of three, choose a double version. Recommended temperature +10 degrees Celsius temperature by use, because most of you are home, not pure outdoor players, so most of you are naked, so + 10 degrees for you. Pillow can be done at home, guests to the opening is directly quilt.

Beat a sleeping bag and pad combination packages, please note that if you do not leave a message color, we will random hair color (gray blue green sleeping bag, mat has dark green burgundy royal blue)

This will develop into a sleeping bag so! Who else? This is really great! Nice nice ah!

Industry specializing in surgery, our designers really nice, usually a product, we have developed design to finished product, we need more than a year's time!

This sleeping bag products, and our automatic inflatable cushion is complete, which is a one bedroom!

Pro, such a move bedroom, you have to wait? Not start?

[Home Use]: Guests came Extra bed / sofa is usually by (put your money to buy a sofa by province)

For tenants, it is too cool, buy beds and quilts, to 1,000 yuan. It also moving special trouble! Our convenient and cheap!

[Travel Uses: put two cars inside the pillow, tired to sleep, traffic jams to go to bed, you can always come up with is the bed to sleep ah!

And love to travel together, play the next exciting, you know!

And family travel, have this equipment, the world is yours!

[Camping Uses: This need not explain, we know everything.

[Office Uses: overtime tired, this can help you sleep well, sleep overtime company now!

Waist tired to work, when this cushion against, to give you effort!

The picture shows the double (a family of three available) sleeping with our large (three mats) package combination, the needs of the portfolio, please take options packages, divided into four packages, see the option to select different price points. You can fit 3 people tent to use, very suitable; you can directly use the home as a bed, comfort is very good!

This product we have registered patents, individual businesses do not want to imitation, imitation we must pursue legal liability and compensation for the prosecution!

Expensive is not necessarily good, but cheap is too bad! Voca family has always insisted on quality, this is the real price!

Pro, you should stop what kind of buy the bargain! Taohuo these years, are freeloaders buy, buy succeed heart wishful quality yet? Rare!

In order to be more comfortable to use; to be able to long-term use, in order to give a loved one to use, you tens of dollars, worth!

Afraid you are not satisfied, you are not afraid to try to look to buy quality!

Afraid you are not satisfied, you still afraid of fifty or sixty dollars fancy goods!

Afraid you are not satisfied, you are afraid of being cheap, just describe the hype Fudge!

Voca family new listing of new products, to subvert your senses, as long as you buy, you get a 15 days no reason to return refund!

These are double sleeping bag ---- The following is a single sleeping bag