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Jia Ming Garmin eTrex10 handheld gps measured acres of satellite positioning device adventure HC small Dr. upgrade

Jia Ming Garmin eTrex10 handheld gps measured acres of satellite positioning device adventure HC small Dr. upgrade
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Garmin / Jiaming
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item No .: eTrex10
  • Positioning accuracy: 3M
  • Targeting time: 1 minute
  • Update speed: 1m / s
  • Screen size: 2.2 inches
  • Whether to support the backlight display: Yes
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Shell material: metal plastic
  • Size: 122.5mmx61.8mmx32
  • Weight: 147 grams
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Map type: National map
  • Whether to support loading maps: Yes
  • Memory capacity: 2GB
  • Origin: the United States
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • GPS function: area calculation
  • Whether the shock: Yes
  • Language Category: Chinese English
  • Price range (GPS): 500-1000 yuan
  • Portable: handheld
  • Usage: push-button
  • Continuous working time: 10-15 hours

Measuring acres of experts

More than 48 satellites at your service, a variety of coordinate system and format conversion, professional area measurement mu function, light weight and energy saving, low power consumption, low power consumption, low power consumption, Sturdy three anti-design.

  • Double Star Receiver: can receive GPS and GLONASS two satellite systems, positioning faster and more accurate.
  • Area mapping: provide a variety of measurement area types, accurate area and length measurement and real-time display, and have a half-way and can continue to suspend the switch function.
    • Trajectory measurement: Measure the area of ​​the area enclosed by the trajectory of the user (starting from the end point in a straight line).
    • Route Survey: The user creates a route to calculate the area enclosed by the route.
    • Constant-width measurement: The area (width multiplied by the track length) is calculated based on the fixed width entered by the user and combined with the trajectory of the hand-held device.

  • Coordinate system: with Beijing 54, Xi'an 80 and CGCS2000 coordinate system and display format.
  • Track record: time interval, distance interval, automatic and other track record mode, under different conditions to meet the various needs.
  • Low power consumption: two 5 batteries, sustainable use of more than 25 hours (compared to traditional products, saving 50%).