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Cool God F1 battery 8297W / D 8297 Great God F1PLUS original battery CPLD-352 electric board

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Coolpad / Cool
  • Model: CPLD-352
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Original battery + brand cradle 'smooth enjoy' the original battery + Atlas mini rechargeable treasure 'luxury' original battery + brand cradle + Atlas mini charging Po 'pilot' original battery "original" original battery + Cool 1A data cable
  • Available Brands: Coolpad / Cool
  • Model: 8297
  • Battery capacity: 2001MAh (included) -2500MAh (included)
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Whether original: original

product name

Cool original battery

package instruction

Chinese boxed

Nature of product

Cool original authentic Chinese licensed

battery model

CPLD-352 'Note: CPLD green original battery for the new, universal black CPLD-329, please know'

battery capacity

2500 milliamperes

Applicable Model

Cool Great God F1 plus 8297 - C00 / T01 / W01 8297W 8297D 8297

Warranty Conditions

  • In the non-human damage under the premise of quality problems, 7 days Baotui, 15 days Baohuan, six months free maintenance.
  • The battery is sealed packaging, once opened, will not be able to restore, thus affecting the secondary sales, so no quality problems, does not support seven days no reason to return. (No sealed package)
  • Bad charger, water caused by external deformation of the battery, drums and other factors not covered by the warranty, is hereby specified!

Battery maintenance

  • Do not expose the battery to moisture or water.
  • Do not store the battery for a long period of time.
  • Do not apply external force to the battery or fall from a height.
  • Do not heat the battery or put it in a fire, otherwise there is a risk of explosion.
  • Do not use a bad charger, to avoid dissatisfaction with the battery charge or damage the battery.
  • Do not touch keys, coins, necklaces and other metal products to prevent short circuit.

Special Note

  • Please contact customer service to check, get the hand please do not open, first with the phone comes with the battery for comparison to see whether the same, if the battery is not the same, Otherwise the customers themselves take the wrong postage generated by the buyer need to return the postage, Cool original battery with independent packaging, packaging apart can not be restored, the goods can not be the second sale, can not return to the factory, if it is because the wrong shot Such problems, the goods can not be returned, please customers cautious friends, if not sure the model, must contact customer service!