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Amoi / Amoi | Q13-inch high-definition theater machine singing old 9 video player elderly Square Dance Dance 15

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Amoi / Amoi Q13
  • Brand: Amoi / Amoi
  • Model: Q13
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Color Classification: Upgraded to play 4-5 hours [eye] screen + 16G card packs an upgraded version of the player for 4-5 hours] [HD screen + free card play no charge Deluxe Edition [8-10 hours] eye ​​screen + 16G card package Deluxe Edition] [play 8-10 hours eye screen + 8G card spree Deluxe Edition] [play 8-10 hours without eye protection screen + card no charge for 2-4 hours standard Edition [play] screen HD + card no charge no an upgraded version of the player [4-5 hours] eye ​​screen + 8G card spree