Kingston u disk | 64gu plate | metal waterproof mini creative personality U disk 64g dtse9 64g Car

Kingston u disk | 64gu plate | metal waterproof mini creative personality U disk 64g dtse9 64g Car

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kingston / Kingston
  • Kingston Model: DTSE9 64G
  • Flash memory capacity: 64GB
  • Color Classification: U disk 64G lanyard U disk 64G + sided lettering team commemorative edition commemorative logo Zodiac Zodiac commemorative commemorative surname totem U disk 64G + double-sided lettering personalized custom pattern U disk 64G crazy animal city U disk 64G Monkey commemorative Edition
  • Condition: New
  • Whether to support the security check: support
  • Service: Genius
  • USB Type: USB2.0
  • Features: Waterproof

In appearance, it adopted In appearance, it adopted The whole body with light silver Fashion metal shell, angular full USB interface plate body tail strong large ring design, bringing simple sense of style and rugged style of conceptualization, especially the end of the ring, not only called the overall design the finishing touch, so that the volume of the compact flash disk full of inspiration and change, but also with key rings, pendants and so on, easy to carry.

U disk size: 39.00mm x 12.35mm x 4.55mm

common problem

Why U disk capacity of 16G I received was not only about 14.4G it?
Hello! Capacity flash mode / U disk operating system vendors and the theory of computer storage devices is inconsistent! Such as operating systems theory 1G = 1024MB, while the U disk vendors in order to facilitate the calculation, only nominal U disk 1G 1000MB (this is line regulation, global
They are the same), so 1GB of nominal capacity U disk or flash memory, actual 1G = 0.93G (equal), then the equivalent of about 16GB 14.6GB computer display and the like.

The U disk or flash memory type, the presence of the driver and the boot partition, so some brands U disk may be lower than 14.6GB, such as 14.6GB, 14.4GB, etc. are also some products may be higher than this value, such as 14.9GB, 15.1GB, etc., and the calculation and driver as well as the chips used in various brands related. so each product is actually displayed capacity were different.

Therefore, if the U disk flash class nominal 16G, and the computer display at 14.2G more than is normal.

U disk size?

39mm x 12.35mm x 4.55mm width about the size of a 5 cents coin.

Why U disk I received a slight scratch?
U disk in the transport process will produce a collision and friction, plus the U disk itself is a bright side, the individual will inevitably produce a slight scratch also please parents who understand. If friends also really mind, please carefully shot. We sold products are brand new authentic licensed, parents can rest assured purchase.

A sealed package it?
Not. This is to keep the focus of the pro explain, sold in mainland China flash memory card and U disk can basically opened the package. Pro mind, please carefully shot, our products sold are brand new authentic licensed pro You can buy.

How long the warranty?
5 year warranty
, Quality problems can go to the local after-sales center Kingston warranty or return it to us free warranty, Return shipping shall buy Undertakes.

Warranty shipping?
7 days of receipt of the goods produced human damage quality problems, we bear the shipping back and forth; 7 days after the buyer PS: We are committed to shipping freight does not exceed the standard issue, I also ask you informed.

U disk read speed problem?
U disk familiar friends should know, read speed U disk in addition to U disk chip itself, but also external factors U disk and use of the environment, and the size of the software to read and write files in a relationship, thus affecting the U disk read and write speed in this uncontrollable situation, the restaurant can not guarantee the U disk in the personal environment to test how much the speed, the speed to read the pro field shall prevail. Therefore, the speed issue is not a quality problem, if pro speed are not satisfied, you can apply for seven days no reason to pay postage to return, thank you.

Will my computer system is XX can be used?
The U disk support Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X v.10.5.x +, Linux v.2.6.x + as long as the systems are compatible USB2.0 can be used.

Will my next device U can use this offer?

This is a common U disk, desktop and notebook computers, automotive players support this capacity USB devices are normal can be used.