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Kingston u disk | 64gu disk | metal waterproof creative mini personality car U disk 64g dtse9 64g

Kingston u disk | 64gu disk | metal waterproof creative mini personality car U disk 64g dtse9 64g
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kingston / Kingston
  • Kingston Model: DTSE9 64G
  • Flash memory capacity: 64GB
  • Color Classification: U disk 64G send lanyard U disk 64G + single-sided lettering team commemorative edition car mark commemorative edition 12 constellations commemorative Edition Zodiac commemorative Edition last name totem personality pattern custom U disk 64G crazy animal city U disk 64G monkey Edition U disk 64G anniversary edition of the Year of the Rooster
  • Condition: New
  • Whether to support the security check: support
  • Service: Genius
  • USB Type: USB2.0
  • Features: Waterproof

Special declaration : Custom class orders, please be sure to take a message note clear or sent to customer service, without any description of all the default options shot by random delivery, their own responsibility, thank you with!

In appearance, it is taken In appearance, it is taken With the whole body of light silver fashion metal shell, angular USB interface and the tail of the large ring design, bringing a simple sense of modeling and solid conceptual style, especially the tail of the ring, not only called the overall design The focus of the pen, so flash drive pocket volume full of inspiration and change, but also with the key ring, pendant, etc., easy to carry.

U disk size: 39.00mm x 12.35mm x 4.55mm

common problem

Why I received the U disk is not 16G capacity only 14.4G or so?
If the operating system theory 1G = 1024MB, and U disk manufacturers in order to facilitate the calculation, the nominal 1G U disk is only 1000MB (this is the same as the operating system theory), the memory system is not the same as the operating system theory. Rules, global
Are the same). So 1GB of the nominal capacity of the U disk or flash memory, the actual 1G = 0.93G (about equal to), then 16GB equivalent to the computer display 14.6GB or so.

And U disk or flash class, there are drivers and boot partition, so some brands of U disk than 14.6GB may be low, such as 14.6GB, 14.4GB, etc. Some products may also be higher than the value, such as 14.9GB, 15.1GB, etc., and the various brands of manufacturers and the calculation of the drive and the use of the chip, so the actual display of the capacity of each product are different.

Therefore, if the U disk flash class nominal 16G, and the computer shows more than 14.2G are normal.

U disk size?

39mm x 12.35mm x 4.55mm width is about a 5 dollar coin size.

I received the U disk why there is a slight scratches?
U disk in the transport process will have a collision and friction, coupled with the U disk itself is bright, it is inevitable that individual will produce a slight scratch also please pro understanding .If you really mind the friends also please carefully shot. Products are brand new authentic licensed, pro who can rest assured to buy.

Is it sealed?
Not to this point with the pro to focus on the description of the mainland in China to sell flash memory cards and U disk are basically removable packaging. Carefully pro-please carefully shot, the shop sold products are new authentic licensed, pro We can rest assured to buy.

How long is the warranty?
5 year warranty
, Produce quality problems can go to the local Kingston sale center warranty or sent back to us free warranty, Round trip shipping must be bought Home bear.

Warranty freight?
7 days after the receipt of goods within 7 days of non-human damage to the quality of the problem, we bear the return shipping; 7 days after the buyer bear. PS: We bear the freight does not exceed the shipping standards, please also know.

U disk read speed problem?
Familiar with the U disk friends should know, U disk read speed in addition to its own chip U disk, but also and U disk use of the environment, software and read and write file size and other external factors, thus affecting the U disk Read and write speed, in this uncontrollable circumstances, the restaurant can not guarantee the U disk in the personal environment to test the speed of how much to pro-field read speed whichever speed problem is not a quality problem, pro if Not satisfied with the speed, you can pays the postage for seven days no reason to return, thank you.

Will my computer system is XX can be used?
The U disk supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X v.10.5.x +, Linux v.2.6.x + as long as the system is compatible with USB2.0 can be used.

Will the next I can use the equipment U disk?

This U disk is a generic, desktop, laptop, car player, etc. to support this capacity USB devices are normal can be used.