Robinson | Carbon | Alpenstock T4T | relieved | Outdoor 4 short paragraph | crutches canes | lightweight design

Robinson | Carbon | Alpenstock T4T | relieved | Outdoor 4 short paragraph | crutches canes | lightweight design

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Robinson
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item: 140676
  • Alpenstock section number: four
  • Style: Straight grip
  • Handle material: foam
  • Strut Material: Other
  • Rod tip material: Carbon tungsten steel
  • Whether with suspension system: No
  • Time to market: Other
  • Weight: 220g
  • Length: 53-125CM
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 226
  • Color Classification: The new Section 4 Section 4 of the new purple crystal relieved relieved forest green new Section 4 Section 4 relieved relieved sapphire new fluorescent yellow four light gray single Section 3 Section 3 Caohai 3 Wind Flower four pink purple single relieved ( lemon yellow) relieved single sky-blue single alpenstock is single, the proposed purchase in pairs
  • Sports & Outdoors items: hiking

friendly reminder:

  1. Is an upgraded version relieved upgrade the lock shaft material, greater strength, more reliable the old factory temporarily discontinued.
  2. Recommendation pair later use; because if only a single trekking poles, in the case of side reaction force is generated, but not the side, the body's balance but lower.
  3. Alpenstock Robinson later sent to protect the head scarf + + + trekking poles outside the bag folded cushion

Product Description:

Yun series - relieved four carbon alpenstock

Product Name: ease
Grip: EVA foam, soft touch
Wristbands: fluorescence-labeled
Diameter: 16.8mm
Length: 50-125cm (close up is 50cm; opened is 125cm)
Weight: ≤218g
Carbon content: 60% of the old models, the new 70%
Model meaning: hilltop, overlooking all the earth, all the troubles are so small chores.

Providing a cane walking and climbing when stable four-point support, can make all the muscles relax. And two feet can not keep balance in place can be effective support.

  1. Reduce joint and muscle pain
  2. Prevent back injuries
  3. Enhance the role of breathing
  4. Security outdoor activities
  5. Save 30% strength
  6. 15% increase in walking speed
  7. One of climbing equipment
  8. Note: The new ease Higher carbon content, upgrade to a 70% carbon content, older carbon content of 60%

The following are older relieved, carbon content of 60%


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