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NKT official with the apple watch watch strap | leather loop strap | magnetic strap

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NKT
  • Model: leather loop back strap
  • 42MM red + sent to the film 'official with the money back' 38MM khaki + loop to send the film 'spot the official with the money' official return of the same paragraph '42MM khaki + Back to Central 38MM red + toughened film 'spot with the official' loop 42MM black + to send steel film 'spot with the official' loop 42MM blue + to send steel film 'spot with the official' loop 38MM black + to send the film 'official spot The same paragraph 'back to 38MM blue + sent to the steel film

This baby watch for the apple watch strap 'does not include the watch dial' Please pay attention when buying

Product Description: This watch strap Venezia leather fine craftsmanship, highlights the beautiful lychee leather texture in this strap, the traditional process more innovative design methods integrated: soft leather joints Built-in magnets, so just strap around the wrist, it will fit perfectly with the wrist, simple and neat.