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360 small water droplets smart camera Standard Edition | home high-definition wireless wifi network mobile phone surveillance camera

360 small water droplets smart camera Standard Edition | home high-definition wireless wifi network mobile phone surveillance camera
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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Brand: 360
  • Model: 360 small water droplets
  • Color Classification: light green white white + 16GB memory card white + 32GB memory card white +8 GB memory card light green + 16GB memory card light green + 32GB memory card yellow +32 GB memory card yellow yellow +16 GB memory card

Support Andrews system and Apple ios system

1) Product introduction

360 smart camera is a 360-based cloud-based Wi-Fi ultra-clear cloud camera, no computer and network cable, connected to the network through Wi-Fi, with 360 smart camera mobile client, remote access anytime, anywhere, two-way voice intercom , Can also invite family members to view, so that the warm home always accompanied.

2) product features and features

Anytime, anywhere remote viewing, whether at home or outside, anytime, anywhere to open the phone, you can instantly see everything in the distance: the baby is asleep, the pet is naughty, my mother is not done Pork. Two-way voice calls 360 smart camera client, click on the 'hold the talk' key, you can clear your voice spread to him, you can save your photos and videos to the phone, / Her / her ears, tease just woke up the baby, greetings about the home of the parents ~ to invite family, enjoy the warm moments together 360 intelligent cameras can be shared to many families do not need to buy the camera, as long as the installation of 360 intelligent camera client , You and your family will be able to use it.Every warm moment you can share with them in real time.Find the public camera to install 360 smart camera client, click on the 'discovery', you can view other small partners open camera, see their You can also open your own camera, your happiness passed to all ~ more exciting features, you can upgrade the product online experience.


720P HD picture quality: 720P is a resolution of 1280 × 720 display format, with high-definition sony sensory elements, you can provide photo-level imaging results.

120 degrees large wide-angle: 120 degrees without distortion large viewing angle, vision is more broad, do not stay dead.

Exclusive mobile phone applications: Designed for 360 family security guards produced mobile phone APP software, to use more intimate and convenient.

Fast Installation: Installation can be completed in just three steps, connect the power supply → Download APP → open the application configuration security guards.

Wireless WIFI connection: Eliminating the traditional wired connection cumbersome, the use of WIFI quickly complete the connection

Two-way voice: Omni-directional microphone with CD-quality audio Opus audio encoding, enabling smooth two-way carrier-grade voice calls.

Real-time alarm notification: The ever-increasing video analysis algorithms provide more accurate and intelligent alarms, which are pushed to the mobile phone to ensure that the user can get the alarm information at the first time.

The new low-light night vision: Only 0.3lux can clearly imaging the night vision imaging technology to avoid the family caused by infrared light radiation, eye damage. (Note: 1lux = 1 candlelight 1 meter distance brightness).

Professional privacy protection: 360 professional security team and many years of security experience, bring you financial-level privacy protection.

360 cloud storage video: Has not yet been developed, is still in the test

360 official technical support hotline: 4006822360 (Any technical problems can be solved by consultation)