Apple laptop screen film macbook pro air 11 12 13.3 15 inch protective film

Apple laptop screen film macbook pro air 11 12 13.3 15 inch protective film

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tai Kesen
  • Model: SK201
  • Size: 13 inches
  • Color Classification: Retina15.4 inch A1398 eye blue film Pro13.3 inch drive with the old A1278 eye blue film Here is the general definition film: not only high-definition, but also scratch Specials: 16 yuan The new 12.0-inch MacBook Retina Eye Blue Retina15.4 inch HD scratch film Retina13.3 inch A1398 A1425 / A1502 HD scratch Retina13.3 inch A1425 / A1502 blue eye film Pro15.4 inch drive with the old blue eye film Air13.3 inch A1466 / A1369 HD Pro15.4 inch scratch-old models with new 12.0-inch MacBook Retina HD scratch Pro13.3 inch drive with the old drive HD A1278 HD scratch-scratch Air11.6 inch A1465 / A1370 HD scratch Air13.3 inch A1466 / A1369 Here is the eye eye blue film blue film: Seventh guard, HD scratch price:. 32 Air11.6 inch A1465 / A1370 eye blue film
  • Size: Other
  • Item No: S-01

Most of the market of cheap film, one does not affect the high-definition visual experience and hurt the eyes, the two do not scratch their time soon, the three did not film paste tool is not easy, not even four poor packaging packaging easily crushed in transit, please buy with caution .

Tai Kesen brand Apple screen foil, Japan A grade material production, higher clearance + more scratch resistant, can be used for two years, does not need to be replaced, and comes with leather and velvet scratch card + cleaning cloth blue film with a fine packaging, to give as gifts, the store sales are for personal use and to share, you can read reviews, 99% of the market beyond the product quality from the product itself is.
Reminder: Due to the large area MacBook, foil relatively high degree of difficulty,

Please recommend professional film, while also available for sale to buy a spare to save postage.

Note: The screen film is smaller than the screen of 1-2mm, this will be relatively easy to fit, does not affect the use is normal, thank you.

friendly reminder:

[Normal HD screen film 15.8 yuan] [blue film HD screen film 32 yuan]

Differences: [HD screen foil, Japan A grade material production, more clear and more scratch resistant +] [blue film screen film Tai Kesen originality, quality assurance Seventh protection: anti-glare, anti-myopia, radiation, UV, eye fatigue, anti-melanin, anti-spots. comes with leather velvet cloth + scratch card + vacuuming blue film.]

Here is the original blue eye film: 32 yuan

The following is the general definition film, special: 15.8 yuan