Hao Rui | Continental French bed wood bed | Princess bed | marriage bed | Double bed Continental | Continental 1.8 m bed

Hao Rui | Continental French bed wood bed | Princess bed | marriage bed | Double bed Continental | Continental 1.8 m bed

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are taxi can transport: No
  • Packaging volume: 2
  • Brand: Hao Rui
  • Model: HW-FC8806
  • Installation instructions details: Provides simple installation tool provides installation instructions
  • Whether pre-: Yes
  • Style positioning: Quality luxury type
  • Design Elements: Miscellaneous wood carving master design
  • Color Classification: D8806 W8806 P8806 Leather 8806 pink floral line drawing line drawing gold silver moonlight skin bed without skin foot of the bed mattress + bed Continental bed + bedside cabinet J8806 (single shot from mentioning) D8806- silver carved depiction foot of the bed mattress + bedside cabinet + * 1 (described silver) Hirao mattress + bed + bedside cabinet carved end of the bed without skin (gilt) + mattress + bed + bedside cabinet Leather tail sliding door wardrobe + mattress + bed leather tail four wardrobe mattress + bed + leather tail 0.8 m + dressing table + makeup stool leather mattress bed + tail sliding door wardrobe + dressing table + mattress + makeup stool leather stool foot of the bed + dressing table + makeup + bedside cabinet + mattress + mattress + bed end floral white floral white bedside cabinet Leather foot of the bed + bedside cabinet * 29 lines carved foot of the bed mattress + 9 + bedside end of the bed lines carved bedside cabinet * 2 +
  • Applicable Number: 2
  • Size: 1500mm * 2000mm 1800mm * 2000mm
  • With storage space: No
  • Whether with soft rely on: Yes
  • Whether with fence: No
  • Whether can be customized: No
  • Material: Other
  • Technique: Carved
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • City: Foshan
  • Style: European
  • Furniture structure: container frame structure Frame Structure
  • Can be delivered / installed: All cities Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin

【name】 Continental Bed8806 【style】 European-style bedroom
[Brand] Hao Rui [Origin] Guangdong Foshan
【Colour】 FIG. 【 the company】 Nanhai District of Foshan City, Hong Wei Furniture Co., Ltd.
【Packing and shipping】 Disassembly carton packaging [Recommended] Similar View the same series of products
[Product] contains Single bed [Recommended] mattress approximately 22cm-25cm
[Exclusive] service National Region enjoy free five packets / Paid five packets / package logistics services, details Advisory Service [Service] Three-year warranty
【Production cycle】 In order to ensure product quality, production requires a certain period of time of delivery please consult with the customer service delivery on the time, details Advisory Service
【Material Introduction】 1.(- Imported materials -): ABS polymer material built wood frame + + PU + PU primer coat + high-density fiberboard;.. (ABS with excellent overall physical and mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability, low temperature impact performance electrical properties, wear resistance , chemical-resistant, dyeing, finished processing and machining better. ABS resin, water, inorganic salts, alkalis and acids, insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, and easily soluble in aldehydes, ketones, esters and certain chlorinated hydrocarbons.)
2.(- Comfort backrest -): Leather backrest made of high quality microfiber leather, shiny texture and delicate, dignified and generous, a fill density sponge, soft and comfortable and flexible;
3.(-Green sheet -): Footboard / Bedside high quality high density fiberboard, smooth surface, stable internal structure, easy to crack, strong anti-bending performance;
4.(Wood ribs Article ): Each ribs bearing more than 50KG, the ribs made of high quality wood, fine polished smooth not rough, pasteurized skim processing, tough but not brittle

Packing details] First layer: Products; Second layer: Protective layer of the third layer: carton; fourth layer: wooden (Optional remote areas recommended to play at their own expense, details Advisory Service)