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6-inch outer-bells | factory school classes on the bell instrument | diameter 150mm 220v

6-inch outer-bells | factory school classes on the bell instrument | diameter 150mm 220v
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Changdian
  • Model: 6 inch outflanking

Great Wall 6 inch outflanking electric bell

The original price of 38 yuan is now special 34 yuan, low-cost sales

Net weight about: 0.85 kg

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1. Applicable scope This product is a sparkless bell, stainless steel, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, public places schools and equipment supporting the exchange of 50HZ, voltage to 220V below the circuit, for the call or notification signal, also applies to the family for the doorbell , Alarm and so on.

Second, the normal working conditions:

1. altitude of not more than 2000 meters

2. The ambient medium humidity is not higher than +40 degrees and not less than - 25 degrees relative humidity of not more than 90% (when the temperature at +25 degrees)

3. Use in the surrounding air without flammability and corrosive gases or conductive dust and no significant shaking and shock vibrations.

4. Rated voltage ± 10% can work, continuous work is not more than 10 minutes.

5. The pollution level is level 2 and the installation category is Class II.

First, function and use

This product can be used according to the user set the time, can be used as factories, schools, organs automatically ringing control.If the corresponding language with the film, but also as a family, the agency schedule the voice prompts to achieve automatic, timely and accurate warning effect.