US APRESYS D25D50D99 disposable U-logger Food and Drug refrigerated trucks Containers

US APRESYS D25D50D99 disposable U-logger Food and Drug refrigerated trucks Containers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yi Purui
  • Item No: 808-d25
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 199
  • Time to market: 2010
  • Whether the water: No
  • Whether shockproof: Yes
  • Whether luminous display: No
  • Carrying options: Handheld
  • Display: Digital

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U disc disposable temperature recorder Description:

US APRESYS U disc-time logger uses the most advanced high-tech electronic technology, high-performance integrated circuits, can satisfy the product 'cold chain management' needs.


Food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other temperature-sensitive products thermostat, refrigerated transportation.

Product Features:

U disk jack can be connected directly to the computer to read the data and save, print, use very convenient.
Small size, and the size of the U disk close.
High precision, long life, good stability and low cost.
It can be permanently stored, even if the power runs out, can also read and print out the data.
Wide temperature range, suitable for a variety of common and extreme temperatures.
Soft shell design and three anti-technology process, so that shock, dust and moisture.

Technical Parameters:

Temperature range: -40 ° F ~ 176 ° F, -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C
Full accuracy: + 1 ° F / + 0.5 ° C
Debate points rate: 0.01 ° F / 0.01 ° C
Battery: Lithium Battery
Warranty period: 3 years
Dimensions: 8.5cm * 2.8cm * 1.2cm
Weight: 35g

Selection Guide:

D25 type maximum record 25 days and 5 minutes of recording time (recommended: 1 days -25 days)
D50 type maximum record 50 days and 10 minutes of recording time (recommended: 25 days -50 days)
D99 type maximum record 99 days and 20 minutes of recording time (recommended: 50 days -99 days)

Disposable U disk temperature recorder use instructions:

Start recording: Press the Start button for about three seconds, red light flashes three times after,
And fast flashes 10 times, indicating that the startup is completed;
Recorded in: red light flashes every five seconds species, then press the start button,
Still 5 seconds flashes once, indicating that the instrument is a normal start-up state;
Using too: one-time temperature recorder stopped working after the data is read,
Then press the start button, the red indicator is lit, has stopped working.

* Save U disc disposable temperature recorder, you need to find the historical record, they can always read repeatedly, permanent preservation