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Brainstorming G138BD Samsung outdoor GPS handheld fixed-point positioning latitude and longitude measurement activities pre-sale

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: brainstorming
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item: Brainstorming G138BD
  • Positioning accuracy: 2.2m
  • Positioning time: 30 seconds
  • Update speed: 1 second
  • Screen size: other
  • Whether to support the backlight display: Yes
  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Shell material: plastic
  • Size: 112x68x37mm
  • Weight: 136g
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Map type: National map
  • Whether to support loading map: Yes
  • Memory capacity: 4GB
  • made in China
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • GPS function: barometric altimeter
  • Whether the shock: Yes
  • Language Category: Chinese English
  • Price range (GPS): 2500-3000 yuan
  • Portable: handheld
  • Usage: push-button
  • Continuous working time: 10-15 hours

2012 Beidou system officially run, GNSS satellite navigation into the era of the Big Dipper, today, the United States think strong company to upgrade the Beidou G1 series handhelds, comprehensive Beidou handheld terminal popularity storm, G1 Compass handheld products on the operating procedures, data organization, Satellite navigation and positioning modules, systems, maps to upgrade and optimize the industry to meet the user acquisition, area measurement, navigation, track records and other operations to find points, the same applies to outdoor areas.