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Seven-core military regulations | drying clothes tied life-saving handle handle climbing rope safety umbrella rope outdoor tent knife fall bracelet

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  • Brand: carbazole ratio
  • Product No
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 58
  • Color 31 m green 31 m green 31 m wolf color 31 m forest camouflage 31 m silver 31 m dark gray 31 m blue 31 m fluorescent green 31 m fluorescent green 50 m black 50 m military green 50 m forest camouflage 50 m Black 100 meters Military green 100 meters Forest camouflage 100 meters Black 10 meters Army green 10 meters Wolf color 10 meters Forest camouflage 10 meters Silver gray 10 meters Sapphire blue 10 meters Fluorescent green 10 meters Color 10 meters Color 31 meters
  • Time to market: 2012

This seven-core umbrella rope Diameter is 4MM.

The new seven-core umbrella rope standard production, imports of equipment around the system, the quality of super-good, single rope tension at 50 kg.Textile body is very round and round tight, very detailed surface texture, abrasion resistance is quite good, Is a good player outdoors equipment.

Uses: outdoor survival, winding handle, stick handle, rejection stick tail rope, nunchaku connecting rope, catapult bow with a rope, field tied equipment, tents and other rope.