S7-200PLC module input into the simulator CPU224 CPU224XP 14 | customized | essential

S7-200PLC module input into the simulator CPU224 CPU224XP 14 | customized | essential

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  • Brand: Lily of the valley
  • Model: fzq224

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CPU224 / CPU224XP input emulator

This second generation

S7-200PLC input emulator

This is CPU224 CPU224XP dedicated for the following part numbers:









The emulator is easy to use, directly connected to the S7-200PLC The input port can simulate input digital signal, easy for beginners to learn to use, but also easy to debug some of the programmer I / O Program, saving wiring time, just give PLC Turned to a working power, no need extra wiring can be based on PLC Up led Lights, some logic to debug complex digital procedures for maintenance inspection PLC The staff, but also greatly facilitates troubleshooting and shortened CPU I / O Failure time.

Enter emulator also raises PLC Own input DC24V Switching power supply, convenient for the user to reduce the wiring, the power supply for the relevant product. (Such as touch screen, self-expansion module)

Enter emulator PLC Self-powered output DC24V The port of the series with a specification 0805Resistance is0Chip resistors, the user can replace the patch corresponding to the insurance according to their demand to take power, to take power at the time of external short circuit can more effectively protect PLC The role of the power supply input