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S7-200PLC module input simulator CPU224 CPU224XP 14 into | custom | necessary

S7-200PLC module input simulator CPU224 CPU224XP 14 into | custom | necessary
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  • Brand: lily of the valley
  • Model: fzq224

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CPU224 / CPU224XP input emulator

This section is the second generation

S7-200PLC input emulator

This section for the CPU224 CPU224XP dedicated, applicable product models are as follows:









The simulator is easy to use, directly connected S7-200PLC Of the input port, you can simulate the input of digital signals for beginners to learn to use, but also facilitate the programming staff to debug some I / O Program, save wiring time, just need to give PLC Connected to a working power can be, without any unnecessary wiring can be based on PLC Up led Lights, to debug some of the more complex logic of the logic program. For maintenance testing PLC Of the staff, it is also a great convenience and shorten the investigation CPU I / O Time of failure.

The input emulator also leads PLC Its own input DC24V Of the switching power supply, user-friendly to reduce the wiring in the case, you can power the relevant products (such as touch screen, its own expansion module)

Enter the emulator at PLC Own power supply output DC24V Of the port in series with a specification 0805Resistance is0Of the chip resistance, the user can take their own electricity needs to replace the corresponding insurance patch, in the external power short circuit can be more effective to play a protective PLC Input power supply